Mri bad experiences

Hi all I’m. Not diagnosed with anything yet Is it normal for neurolilogist to be asked in to your brain mri scan, I had one done yesterday and when I thought. It was finished. The radiologist spoke though the headphones and told me to stay on the mri and she was. Going. To get my neurologist 10 mind later she came back and advised that she could not. Find him. But asked me. To stay in the hospital as I may need to go back in but not for contrast. She then asked. Me. For my. Phone. Number which I gave her and also. Could see my scan pictures with with more than a few slug like lesions on it. She called me. Back within 15mins and advised. She could not find my neuro but has got another neuro to look at my. Scan and I don’t need to go back on scanner but the neuro will be in touch soon, I asked. If it will be with the. Next few. Weeks she advised that the pics are. Being read now. And will be wrote up shortly so should be in touch very soon. I then asked. If there. Was anything to. Worry about and she said. She. Can’t tell me but if. Neuro. Has. Not been in touch soon then. Would be a good. Idea. To call my. Gp. Who can. Also. Tell me. The results I’m shitting bricks Has. Anyone at all experienced this


I read your post a few days ago. Although I can’t offer any advice and I haven’t shared a similar experience, I just wanted to say I hope you’re ok. Can understand that the situation made you feel very alarmed and hopefully things are ok. Have you heard anything yet?

Take Care

Good question

I replied to Gilliano on her other post.

I hope everything is OK. Let us know Gilliano.


Hi and thank you for your post No reply as yet so I am hoping no news. Is good news

Hi Gilliano75

I was thinking about your post above this morning and wondered if you had heard anything? Hope all is well

Hi all My brain mri came back normal I have had no explanation for what happened and was advised that I will. See the neuro in 6 months So still In limbo Hope you are all feeling well

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Great news Kay


On the one hand, as Kay said, it’s good news that your scan was clear. But if you are still experiencing symptoms, having had a clear MRI isn’t that useful to you. Even if you now feel much better, you could still do with a reason for what’s happened.

I should think you’re feeling a bit of a let down that you don’t know why you’ve had all the symptoms but have no explanation why. And 6 months to wait to see the neurologist again must feel like it’s never ending.

Have you seen your GP to ask what he/she thinks might be the answer to your symptoms? Or whether there’s someone else you could be referred to (maybe rheumatology)? Or blood tests you could have to check your vitamin levels (vitamins D and B12 particularly)?

Maybe that’s something you could do?

All the best.


Hi sue thanks for your reply you are a fountain of knowledge, i am still having symptoms and now starting with muscle twitching in thigh,hands and calf as well as foot cramps which make my foot look like a claw, the pain on a night and numbness/tingling in arms is so annoying I spoke to my gp who told me he has no clue,what to do with me I have had multiple blood test which have all came back ok and have been repeated every 3months I saw a rheumatologist but he could not access my file due to being in a different trust and wanted me to.see.the Neuro 1st, so no future forward. I am totally off balance when I try and do my.stretches after any cardio work I look like I’m drunk

And the newest symptom (for last week) is when I bend over .Can feel tingling numbness in the upper right hand side of my back it’s about the size of dinner .Plate

To be truthful I am sick as a chip sue