Neuro Appt

Has anyone had a follow up with neuro following clear mri scan? What if anything did they do next or suggest? I have a follow up in 3weeks after a clear mri done because neuro was looking for ms. Wondering what will happen as I sit here still with a partially numb foot and fatigued/aching after walking around 100yds. Ax

Hello Arwen. Have you had a lumbar punture? Can you find out the power of the machine the MRI was done on? this can make a difference to whether lesions may have been missed. I’m no expert so check yourself unless you already know but I think the 3 Telsa is the best one for showing up any lesions. Good luck, Noreen

Just bloods and mri without contrast. Vit d was low folate borderline everything else ok. No idea machine strength how would I find out. Tried Google search and got nowhere. Ax

I would ring the department who did the scan. If you can afford you can pay for the scan yourself. See what they say first. :slight_smile:

Hi Arwen. you are slightly further along than me - i am waiting for mri results at the moment, without contrast. i would like to think that your neuro would not see you face to face to just fob you off and say “well your mri is clear so there’s nothing wrong with you”… i would like to think that given that you are still having the symptoms that he/she would find further investigation beneficial to you and to them in helping you. I am not medically trained nor am i a scientist but from what i have read and learnt, perhaps a lumbar puncture, nerve conduction tests etc. I also know that it is pointless to try to second guess as we will never know for sure until it happens. Also, what would seem logical to you or i (seeing as we are the ones struggling with symptoms on a day to day basis), is often seen as totally illogical to medical professionals (you will know this already given that you are a nurse - i read one of your earlier posts). Regarding the strength of the scanner - from your profile i note you are in merseyside, am i to assume that you went to the walton centre for mri, like me? If so then i am pretty certain their equipment is the best you can get. Whilst i was waiting for mri i contacted a private hospital and full spine and head would have cost £1200 without contrast!!! Also, their equipment was not as good as the walton centre… maybe worth looking into but ensure it will do the job before parting with that kind of cash. then again, if your neuro thought another mri would be beneficial then i suppose he would refer you. maybe you could use the appointment to ask what extra help there is for you, to try to manage the symptoms whilst you are waiting for answers? Hope you haven’t dozed off reading this, Arwen!! Xx

Lol no I didn’t doze off at all it makes total sense to be honest. I think I get fed up of the couple of people who know what’s going on now asking what it is seen as mri clear and expecting me to miraculously now be ok. Oddly I had my appt and mri at Warrington even though Walton is nearer andmy nneuro is based there too. If it had been at Walton I could pretty much say would be 3t all I can find for Warrington was 1.5t but that was a few years ago. Can’t get through to them at the moment to ask Axx

Keep trying arwen won’t you. I was reading on line that they do 7T now…I bet that’s in America??

See - here was me assuming that because you live in merseyside that you would be going to a local neurological hospital as you are having neurological issues - totally logical assumption to you and i… but obviously not so logical to the medical professionals!! Ha ha. i am in north wales but the waiting time for mri at walton was a quarter of the time at my local hospital!! Xx

7t? I bet it’s America too somehow lol Axx

I know birdlady it makes no sense. The neuro I see is at Walton its half the time for me to get to Walton but nope I got Warrington !!! North Wales would be closer for me too lol Axx

Still can’t get through but the details I found said a new 1.5t scan bought 2008 is it likely to have been updated since? Especially with Walton in the region A

My guess is no :slight_smile:

Thats mine too

Is it Warrington and Halton trust? There open 7.30-8pm. :slight_smile:

Yep still getting no answer.

Got through 1.5t

When you see neuro maybe worth asking what the significance of that is? Xx

You got your answer then…it’s worth requesting a 3 telsa considering your symptoms. Noreen. :slight_smile:

I think I need to take someone with me to back me up then as I don’t want to look like an anxious person requesting 3t instead. I bizarrely really hate going anywhere medical and will ignore most stuff hence when I was in waiting for my appendix to come out I kept getting bumped until they found me going into shock cos I just dealt with it lol Axx

Good idea to take someone with you to Neuro appointment. Just wait and see first what Neuro as to say…play your cards right Lol. Read about the scans arwen, the evidence is there. :slight_smile: