Finally had my MRI!

After 16 months of continually progressing symptoms and being referred to many different people. After many blood tests and an MRI of my spine to discover I did not have a trapped nerve, I have finally had my neurologist requested MRI of my head. The radiographers have said the results will be available in 10-14 days but my follow up appointment with my neurologist is not until October! I’m hoping to be able to ring up his secretary in a couple of weeks when he should definitely have the report and try to bring the appointment forward, but I know how busy he is and how scarce his appointments are.

I know that the scanner is a 1.5T scanner (same as most NHS scanners) and that they did T1, T2 and Flair scans.

Really hoping that they find a reason for my progressive left sided numbness and weakness.

Have other people had much luck with moving their neurologist appointments forward? I don’t think I can wait until October for results that I know will be available in June! The Amitriptyline I take, helps with the symptoms but they are still there lingering in the background. At 29 years old with an 18 month old toddler, I need to know what’s wrong with me!

Thanks for listening.

Nat x

A lot of neuros build in some flexibility in their clinic list so they can slot in extra patients if they want to so it’s definitely worth asking about an earlier appointment, especially if your MRI is positive. How quickly the results arrive with the neuro depends on the radiologist’s workload, but when they actually get looked at depends on the neuro’s and that can sometimes mean a long delay. A lot of secretaries won’t tell the patient the results until the neuro has seen them though. If this happens, you can always ask for a copy of the radiologist’s report. Fingers crossed it leads to some answers for you. Karen x

Hi, it is a long time to wait for your results.

I would ring the neuro`s secretary in a couple of weeks and ask if you can be seen.

good luck.

luv Pollx