5 month wait for MRI results

Hi everyone, hoping I can get some help from this great community.

I had an MRI Head done just over a month ago, I received a letter today for my follow up appointment with the NHS neurologist and it’s in 5 months. I really was not expecting such a long wait.

Is there anything I can do? I was really hoping it would be sooner, as I desperately want to ask for an MRI of my spine… not to mention wanting to know the results of the head MRI.

Hi MasterExploder,

Of course you want to know the result, and waiting another five months is just too long. I doubt there’s bad news or they would be seeing you quicker (one would hope), but quite understand why you want to know; I’d be just the same.

Do you have an MS Nurse? If so s/he might be able to help, give them a call, they’re usually pretty good.

You could also try calling your consultant neuro’s secretary, they can be helpful.

Failing that, write to them.

I hope you hear soon, waiting sucks.


Hi there my neuro wrote out with a summary of results around a fortnight after my MRIs in Jan as my phone follow up was around 6 weeks later. Was it the neuro that sent you for mri? If so maybe contact their secretary and see if they will be sending something out as it is a long time to wait. Or maybe they are sending results to your GP?

Best of luck with it


Hi Ben,

Thanks for replying. I don’t have an MS Nurse, just a consultant neurologist.

I’ll try ringing the secretary tomorrow, hopefully they can help.

Hi, thanks for replying.

That’s what I thought would happen for me, but I literally just recieved a letter with an appointment date.

Yes, it was the neuro who sent me for the MRI. I don’t think they are sending the results to my GP, I’m going to take your advice and contact the secretary.

I want to have a scan on my spine and waiting 5 months to just ask for that is too long, any advice on how to request this? (I’m not good at being assertive).

I spoke to the neruo’s secretary today. She told me they were booked up all year, so they couldn’t move my appointment. I told her my symptoms were debilitating and she offered to contact the neuro to request further scans. I’m hoping they’ll contact me this week or next to update me.

If they refuse I will see what my GP can do and if that fails I am considering a private MRI. Anyone have any advice about this?

Thanks for the advice everyone, it helped me get the courage to ring them.