.....waiting for MRI results.........

Hi…hope everyone is well on this cold Monday evening!!!

I had an MRI scan last Tuesday morning and had a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on the Wednesday. I’ve just had a letter to say that I have to go back on the 19th December to Out Patients. I’m just wondering if this is the norm?? I’m so scared about finding out the results of the MRI but I know it will either rule things in or out…Just in time for Christmas!!!

If they found anything abnormal on the scan - would they have called me in sooner and is it always the case that you get called in to discuss results??

Sorry to ask so many questions but very new to this and hope someone can give me some answers.

Beth x

Hello Beth, I cannot be of any real help, I just wanted to say I am waiting for my results too. I had my scan 2 weeks this Friday. My follow up isn’t until February, so I’m not sure what will happen! Good luck for the 19th, I’ll be thinking of you. Sam xx

Hi Beth, Can only relay my experiences and yes a good dr will call you in to discuss the results, even if to tell you they are clear. I was told by telephone the same day as my MRI and saw the neuro the next day to discuss, but she let me know immediately that she received the scan results. Catherine

Hi Sam,

Thank you for responding. Can I ask - did you have that appointment prior to having your MRI?? I’ve been really pushy to get an MRI as doctors have been slow to act on my symptoms…Just having the appointment now to get the results means that I may finally get some answers which is kind of daunting in itself, if that makes sense.

Beth xx

Thanks for replying Catherine. The radiologist told me the results would be sent to my consultant and would be reported on in a couple of days. I just think having the appointment in black and white to find out what’s going on has made all this a bit more of a reality!

Beth xx

Hi Beth, Yes I did receive my follow up appointment before my MRI so I’m just assuming rightly or wrongly that I will have to wait until then. I would be lying if I said my heart doesn’t skip every time the postman arrives or the phone rings! Sam x

Ok…I feel slightly better about that. There was a discussion regarding a brain tumour at my last hospital appointment so I’m thinking that as the appointment is a couple of weeks away it’s probably not that. However, until I see the doctor on the 19th, i’m not going to get any answers so probably not worth torturing myself over the next 15 days.

The way I’m thinking about it is that I’m no better or worse off than I was this morning and nothing has changed. Trying to stay positive and upbeat although I did shed a little tear when I read the letter.

Hope all goes well for you too Sam…It seems an awfully long time to wait until February to get results though!

Beth x

Black and white does have a tendency to let the reality of the situation jolt in, doesn’t it… Best of everything to you Beth Xx

Thank you…Ah this journey is an absolute joy…Appointments, appointments and more appointments - I’m thinking of requesting my own personal parking space at the hospital as I spend so much time there!!! ;0)


And the bloomin cost of the parking is scandalous. We were at the hospital 6 times in 6 days a few weeks ago and were just feeding the meter pound coins. Xx

I suppose this is the joy of being based in Wales - Free parking in hospitals and free prescriptions!!! xx

Really??!! I get the free prescriptions now with the exemption cert but the parking is like £2 something an hour!! Xx


I suppose this is the joy of being based in Wales - Free parking in hospitals and free prescriptions!!! xx

[/quote] hi Beth,

Just wondering where in Wales you are? I’ve been waiting 6 weeks now for a mri scan and still no date- I go to Newport and the UHW in Cardiff

I’m based in Pontypridd…I’ve been having weird neuro type symptoms since July with no remission since having surgery and they are all over my body not just in a few random places…Both arms, hands, legs, feet, back and face tingle and the places they tingle tends to change, I’ve also had headaches, balance issues and cog fog and strange ‘out of it’ feeling. I got admitted a few weeks ago with severe headaches and vomiting and high blood pressure and my scan has come from being admitted on to a Medical Day Unit where the consultant informed me he didn’t think they were going to find anything exciting on a scan!

I had my scan at the Royal Glamorgan in Llantrisant and now it’s just a waiting game for the results. My GP looked on the system tonight and there’s nothing showing as yet so I’m trying to stick to the no news is good news mantra!!!

Hope you get your MRI soon Beth.


You’ve hit the nail on the head there. I know it’s not easy, but please try to listen to your own good advice!