feeling upset and frustrated :-(

Hiya had a mri few weeks ago all was clear have nerve conductive study in couple weeks. Is a mri reliable? Im still thinking ms. Tingling in feet for 5 yrs and in back face arm and hands couple months am tired alot. Mri would of picked it up though am I right? Could nerve conduct study pick it up? Im really upset at moment and starting to feel down. Apparently vid d was down but that wont do anything will it? I recently started with twitchy back like pulsing sensation im starting to wonder if im imagining it all :frowning: I have had enough

Feel sorry for you, but not really much help I know, but try to keep your chin up high and proud. Have never been in you’re position so can’t really comment. Just wanted to let you know people are out here for support.

Thank you. Praying one day I will get sorted I hope

hi emzie

the nerve conduction tests are used to find out if you have carpel tunnel syndrome.

the electricity doesnt hurt a bit and is quite interesting.

ms is tricky to diagnose so its good that they are investigating other possibilities.

it is surprising how bad the effects of vitamin deficiency can be.

vit D and B12 deficiency can make you feel tired, depressed and other symptoms.

did your neurologist advise you to take a supplement?

your gp should be able to arrange regular blood tests and you can ask for vitamin levels to be checked.

i have vit B12 injections every 4 weeks and i take a vit D supplement when it isnt sunny.

carole x

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Thank you. They checked othr day saying vit d levels were low in oct didnt give anything though actually being tested again today my vit d level. Few yrs ago b12 was 313 but apparently 400 now so thats lots better. He doesnt seem concerned which is good but not for me. After 5 yrs and its spread ypu would think something would of been sorted. They said it maybe something they will never find out and will have to live with at age 29 you don’t want to hear that :-/ I do have sore wrist and tingling in hand but this started couple months ago out of no were x

hi again emzie

your sore hand sounds like carpel tunnel syndrome, so maybe you’ll get a diagnosis of something less nasty than ms.

carole x

Thanks yes quite maybe. Wish I knew bout the rest of me! Had vit d blood test today dpes anyone know what normal is? They said I was lower end last time. Thanks x

Had vit d test bk and was 62.9 so normal apparently last time was 45 so its loads better. I feel like giving up and not bothering finding out so depressing x