Warnings - get your doctor to double check blood tests

Hi everyone

After my neuro appointment last week I went in to see my GP today to get a sick note and ask for results of some blood tests that the neuro had ordered - Vit D, clotting and myasthenia gravis.

The GP just glanced at my screen (after giving me a sick note) and said ‘all fine’. I happened to look at the screen and saw one was highlighted and one was blank so I asked him about them. He said “oh yes!” and then opened them up. As it happened my vit D levels are low - 15! Myasthenia one wasn’t back (although he’d said it was and it was fine!)

So my message is - question your doctors. I think he was in a rush to get me out of there, thinking I just wanted a sick note. I want answers - I’ve got one and I’m hoping that’s all there is wrong with me.

Today I got my appointment through for a full spinal MRI which I will go for - just to be sure.

Everybody - it’s your body, I know for sure I’m not ‘right’ and I will keep pushing to make sure they’ve exhausted all avenues. I will take my tablets but I will also make doubly sure it’s not something more serious.

Good luck everybody.

It’s such a shame that these things can happen. Either due to apathy or lack of knowledge or sometimes genuine human error.

We have all had experiences of good and bad doctors.

I find striking a relationship with your healthcare provider is really worthwhile. Just asking questions, getting to chat to them as humans - it makes them realise that you’re a human being and person, not a patient.

All the the best dizzy. Hope you’re doing well

Thank you.

Yes they do seem to just want to get you out of there. A friend of mine was ill for a while, she had numerous tests and they passed her off with anti-depressants and sleeping pillls - she had gallstones. A simple scan showed this up - but she’d been in a lot of pain for months.