Been given appointment to get results :-(

They called it routine, so I’m assuming there was nothing seriously wrong. I know it can go one of 2 ways, either there is something small wrong like vitamin deficiency and that may well be the explanation for everything, or it might be to say that all is good, in which case, can i push for a neuro referral? This week has been hellish, it didn’t get much better after Saturday,so I’m getting quite worried that if my bloods came back ok, there is the real possibilty of MS… Thankfully Mum isn’t fussed about coming with me so there isn’t that to worry about. Do you guys think I should go in with an update in symptoms prepared just in case she wants to talk about the next step?

Hi Jules, it’s always good to keep a record of the symptoms and dates of occurance, especially if they changed. Good luck with your appointment. F.xx

There’s really no telling what your GP will say or what the results may be Jules, but if you’ve had any new symptoms or if any have changed or worsened then make a brief note of them and tell your GP at your appt.

Remember that there are all sorts of other explainations for symptoms like these too - it could easily be something simple and easy to fix.

Try to keep an open mind and take one step at a time - see what your GP says first.

Good luck!

Debbie xx

I guess soon I may know if i have to leave this forum or not…of course i don’t want it to be MS, but I would miss you guys…


good luck with the results …hopefully the results will be ok and rule out other things…in which case you havea right to ask to seem neuro…and don’t let them fob you off with a virus thing…which is what one gp said to me…despite long standing disability and new symptoms, ON and probs affecting my left arm…you have absolutely nothing to loose by seeing a neuro…there’s plenty of us in limbo here so all welcome…x

thanks Scoobie hugs to you. i was just assuming if they say its vitamin d deficiency causing all the problems ( tho how they can know for sure i don’t know), then it would mean i deffo don’t have MS. didn’t realise that i would still have the right to ask for a neuro referral maybe.I guess im jumping the gun, i don’t normally wish my life away but its gonna be such a long 9 days!


It’s best not to assume anything really Jules - although we all know how hard it is to think of anything but!

…one step at a time…

Debbie xx

Yep, one step at a time, my mind is confused right now tho!


It will be, and it’s perfectly natural to feel that way Jules. Avoid trying to second guessing what she may or may not say, overthinking things will make you even more anxious which in turn will make you feel worse

Distraction is a wonderful thing, try doing things that you enjoy or that make you chuckle, meet up with friends - anything that will help to take your mind off stuff for a while.

Debbie xx

Have been trying to distract myself but so many worried “what if’s” are right at the front of my mind… i think i’ll take a break from the forum for a bit… i wanna show support for you guys on here but coming on here makes me worry more at the mo, so I’ll send big hugs to everyone and see you in a week or so…

Jules you have todo what’s right for you, if you feel a break will do you good then do it, you know that you can come back anytime for support and advice. It is so hard to get your head round stuff, we all understand that. Good luck with you results and ect. Keep your chin up sweet and rember you can turn to cyber chums anytime. Ppx

Thankyou :slight_smile: