New symptoms....

Hey everyone haven’t written in a while - still pretty much in limbo & getting on with life but experiencing lots of new symptoms

Lately I’ve been experiencing lots of sensations in my right arm, started with achy muscle pain & a cold hand, as the weeks have passed its more of a sharp pain with dull ache & a weakness in the arm. Driving the car I’ve had to stop quickly as my grip has weakened so much I couldn’t turn the wheel - I am so worried about this. My balance & co-ordination is not the best either but more concerning I’ve lost over a stone in weight with such an increased appetite I feel very shaky & the need for food quickly. I got an appointment with my GP this week who has run some bloods to look for diabetes. I asked her to look at my MRI results and she said that the white volume for someone of my age is higher than normal (I acc don’t think she knew what to say or maybe how to read them). Anyone know what this means??? I have appointment with neurologist next month but still waiting on LP.

Sorry for the ramble my question is are these normal MS symptoms or could it maybe be diabetes??

(I also suffer from bladder retention) which I think is a common in both conditions)

Thanks for listening xxx

hi greggers

you know really that we are a well meaning bunch but we aren’t qualified to diagnose you.

wait for your next appointment with the neuro and practice being calm!

good luck

carole x


As you’ve said, your GP isn’t really qualified to interpret MRIs. So you will have to wait for your neurologist appointment next month to discuss the MRI scan results.

As Carole said, we don’t know enough to be able to differentiate one condition from another, or to comment on your specific questions.

It must be very frustrating to be waiting around for appointments and getting more worried as time goes by.

It’s long and drawn out, but the path to medical answers is so often one that requires immense patience.

I hope the time passes without too many more new an unexplained symptoms.


While you are feeling a bit wobbly do you think it would be a good idea if you didn’t drive for a while? I’m sure the rest of us would feel reassured if you stopped. Anthony

Actually I had meant to say that in my post too. But I forgot.

It’s a matter of judging how safe you are by questioning whether you’d be happy for the person in the next lane to you on a dual carriageway, or coming in your direction on a bendy country road, to be driving a car with your symptoms.

And be honest with yourself.