Update after appointment

Hi all

I was so nervous today. Blood pressure though the roof 165 / 95 at hospital. Now 118 / 77

Well had meeting with consultant, nice man

Took history

Did lots of tests, looking at eyes, strength etc.

Asked me what i thought of the mri letter for some reason he thought i had already seen somebody.

I said if you ask doctor google they would say I have MS.

He said what do you think. I said i have no symptoms

He shown me the scan about 5, looked small lesions

He said they had not got enough evidence to say what it is.

Was not going to name anything I said is it CIS he said yes.

So the plan is another MRi and to look at neck in about 6 weeks.

He could not see on the system if i have had blood test for vit d.

Hospital leicester I am in Derbyshire so they took more blood today.

Lets hope the problem is vit D

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Goodness, I have been thinking about you all day. Started a number of posts and ditched them.

Sounds a little more positive, and you are going to be reviewed.

As many on here will testify an ms diagnosis can be a long one, but at least for now you are not going mad.

Thanks for the update,

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Thank you Rogue

He said he will write to me after today and include the vitamin D results.

I would say i would have a review after next MRI.

Also he did say I say I may need a lumber test but he will check.

Interesting and frightening to see the white lsions. I went it a brand new MRI and the images were so clear.

Not sure if 5 lesions are many? I know 1 is too many but at 57 do people often have some?