Blood work

Hi everyone !! I have recently had a number of blood test done and my vitamin D level has came back very low level 6 so I’m being treated for this but also my immunoglobulin levels have come back low too. Has anyone had the same and if so what does it mean ? I’m not due to see the doctor til later This week . Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

not sure about the immunoglobuin levels but I had a acute Vit D deficiancy.

Was prescribed 50000 units for 8 wks. Now take 5000 a day.

I havent felt this well in ages and no relapse since (fingers crossed).

I hope it improves your healthh like it has mine.

Clare x

Thanks Clare Thats great news that it has helped you so much , fingers crossed it help me too. My doctor has only put me on 1000 iu D3 per day to start . Do you know what your level was ? That’s brilliant about the relapses too hopefully that continues for you . Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

My levels were 22. Is it a GP that has prescribed 1000?

From what I have read and believe me I have researched this massively, what you have been prescribed isnt enough.

Talk it through with your Neuro if u can, I wouldnt want to give you bad advice and affect your health.

Take a look at the Barts MS blog and search Vit D3.

A lot of the medical world have not caught up yet with new findings.

Take care x

Oh I will thanks Clare, it was my GP not my neuro . I thought maybe it sounded a low amount for my level of 6 as on reading about it that’s classed as very deficient isn’t it. Thank you for your advice I will be sure to ask now . Sarah x