full blood count and vitamin d

Hi everyone,

I had numerous blood test because i was getting very tired,i have ms.

They all come back normal but does anyone know if they test for vitamin D.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I had to ask my gp specifically to test for vit.d as I was worried I may have low readings, it was just a guess, but It had been recommended by other msers. Well it turned out I had low readings, so now on supplements. Not all gp’s will prescribe them however you can get them online, most msers take 5,000 IU.

Apparently the tests cost quite a bit of money and not all gp’s know how to read them. Try asking as you have ms for your vit.d3 levels to be tested. If you say others have had it done, then maybe it will pursuade your gp?

Good luck, do let us know if you get it done and what the results were.



lf you look back to last week or the week before there is a post about vitd3testing - a lab in B/ham will do it for you.


Just googled it - vitamindtest.org.uk - lts a ‘pin prick’ testing kit that they post to you - lts done in a NHS lab in B/ham. l think it costs £25.

Me - again - hogging the page - The vitamin d3 levels you need according to recent research is 150/225nmols. As with vitamin b12 - us with ms need a higher level then the out of date results the GP’s work on [not all gp’s of course-some are more enlightened] lf you google ‘Could it be B12’ - you will be surprised at how out of date are GP’s are. A low B12 count can cause symptoms that mimic ms - lots of folk on here have regular B12 injections.


I requested a Vit D test after my neuro recommended that I should take a high dose of Vit D3 , 10000 IU, as it would seem that a lot of msers have Vit D deficiency. My result came back as 66 which my gp said was within recommended limits, but obviously this was going on the out of date NHS levels, not the new levels of 150/225 nmols. As I already take calcium which has D3 with it I’ve decided to take 5000 IU at the moment. My gp agreed there was no problem with my taking it but seemed at a loss when I asked whether it would affect the amount of calcium I take or whether I should also be taking magnesium, both of which would appear to be relevant to taking D3.

Still on the subject of Vit D, I had an ultrasound scan recently to look into discomfort I’ve been having in my side and it showed I have a ‘fatty liver’ (certainly not caused by alcohol as I don’t drink at all). A bit of research led me to discover that fatty liver disease can be caused by Vitamin D deficiency. My gp would not appear to have picked up on this at all, but then I suppose he wouldn’t as he’s going by the old levels.


My GP surgery do not test vitamin D routinely - I have to ask for it to be added. I would imagine that this is pretty standard practice.

Karen x