check this out vit D link to M.S! Hope this helps X x

Just bumping it up for you guys,chin up people x x x x

I’ve just got started on vit d after being shown to be low at 40 in may. The neuro I’ve just seen wrote to my gp to say he assumed they had put me on it and make sure they had! Axx

Vitamin D has featured on these pages a lot of times over the past few years. I don’t think that anyone is in doubt about how vital it is for us.

What you must remember is that you can OD taking Vit D supplements (rizzo did, remember) and that regular checks on your level are really neccesary.

Note also that a Magnesium supplement can have a big effect on Vit D uptake.


Thank you Doctor Geoff, well said :slight_smile:

I almost responded to this thread a moment ago but changed my mind as I sounded like a complete killjoy and just couldn’t find the right words :wink:

Sonia x

I’ve never had my Vit D level checked and when I asked my gp recentley about it she said it wasnt necessary? how do I know if I have sufficient Vit D? Sue

Hi Sue,

I suggest that you gather some information on MS and Vit D3 and show it to your GP. This should also give you the desirable levels. The Barts MS Blogspot will also be worth a look.
You can get a private test from a clinic in Birmingham (they have been named here in the past, but Google should find them).
I was having blood samples taken as part of a routine cardiac checkup, and I asked for D3 to be included.


Thanks Geoff I’ll do that and show her when I go to my appointment on the 18th Oct Sue

l get my vitd3 level checked every 6months by CityAssays Lab in B/ham. Just google vitamin d3 test lf you contact them they will post you the test kit. lt is just an easy pinprick blood spot test. The results are sent via email.

The ideal level is 175/225 nmols. l have been taking vitd3 for about 5yrs and magnesium. Now take 10.000ius daily. Never yet got above 95nmols. Vitd2 is the one to steer clear of as you can easily overdose with that. And most GP’s blood tests seem to link the two vitamin ds.

l notice that the food l feed my dogs has many supplements including vitd3. And a daily allowance is about 20.000ius. for a big dog.

Vit B12 is just as important.

I was told by my MS nurse there is proof of this Vit D and MS now and why they are all testing us now. 50 os a perfect result and below 25 is not good.

I was 47! So my Neuro and Doctors are questioning if it really is the case as I am better then they are they said :stuck_out_tongue:

I am currently undiagnosed and have multiple m.s symptoms. Blood’s were clear 9 months ago. My recent blood’s revealed low vitamin D. I was given 800iu Vit D for 12 months and need this to be tested every 6 months. My levels were not tested or requested by my g.p, my low level of vit D was found by accident on routine screening. A simple blood test can determine your levels but you will probably need to request the test, as mine has never been done and as said was only found incidently.