Vitamin D3?

Sure I have read it somewhere on here, but can’t find it now about taking vitamin D3 to help lesson MS attacks and also to give to your children to lesson them developing MS later in life?

Any ideas on dose and a good place to buy?

Also seen that in Aus they are going to do a Vit D trial,

Does your Gp check your Vit D levels? Had loads of bloods done.

Thanks in advance


Nver been checked for it that I'm aware of. GP doesn't always explain all my many blood tests though, Would take too long. LOL.

Have seen it mentioned on internet. Not sure if it is technically linked to MS or if lack of it just causes some similar symptoms. What does Dr Google say ... although exercise caution!!!!


There is no doubt that lack of vitamin D3 is an important factor in developing MS. So, if you live somewhere that doesn't get a lot of sun (like the UK!) and you don't have MS, it's a good idea to take a supplement. There are some recommendations on-line about supplements for kids (the vitamindcouncil recommends: 1,000iu a day for babies, 1,000iu per 25lbs of body weight for kids, 5,000iu for teenagers and adults).

Many MSers are vitamin D3 deficient. (It is definitely worthwhile getting a blood test done - most GPs do not routinely test vitamin D3 levels.) This has led to studies of the effects of D3 on people who already MS.

The evidence is not as overwheming as the evidence linking D3 to the development of MS, but it is still pretty compelling and suggests D3 supplementation reduces the number of relapses that RRMSers have. This is why more and more neuros and MS nurses are recommending that MSers take a hefty supplement (5,000iu a day is the norm I think).

You can buy it quite cheaply on-line. I buy Healthy Origins 5,000iu capsules from amazon. It's about £12 for 360 capsules (nearly a year's worth). Shop about though - different places have different offers although the high street shops tend to be very expensive.

Incidentally, D3 has been implicated in several conditions and auto-immune diseases in general. So even if you don't have MS, it's a sensible thing to take. Also, don't worry about the dose being so high - the body produces much more in only a short time in the sun.

Karen x

I've been reading about D3 and the effect it has on the body, recently. I have started taking 5,000IU daily and my kids have started taking 400IU but I am not sure that's really enough. I am a bit confused with all the conflicting website info. Some say you should take much more, some say less. I keep reading but it just confuses me even more!

But, in any case, we usually need much more VitD that we are actually getting.

I have read that you should spend at least 15-20 minutes in the sun every day without sunblock or long sleeved tops. 15 minutes of sun on your face and arms. Plus extra supplements during the winter months when the sun is weak.

Lack of VitD also leads to problems with brittle bones in adolesecnts. It has even been mildly linked to Autism.

I have even read that being born in March can be a cause for concern regarding lack of VitD before you are even born!

Mind-boggling stuff. 

I asked my GP recently to check my levels. While I was waiting for the results I ordered the healthy origin ones from amazon and started taking them for a couple of days. Then my GP rang me and said my levels were fine. They were 92 (but not sure what measurment) so then I stopped taking them vitd3 as I was worried about taking too much.


Should I keep taking them? Is too much dangerous?


It is the 5000ui ones I have. I also wanted to start my two kids on them. One is 3 and one is 12. What amount should I be giving them (if any)?



The generally recommended vit D3 level for healthy adults is 125-200 nmol/l (= 50-80 ng/mL). The NHS guidelines were originally developed to prevent rickets and are now woefully out of date :-(

The tests that GPs do give D2, D3 and a combined D2 and D3 level. It is the D3 level ONLY that needs to be over 125nmol/l. D2 is irrelevant. So if you get a blood test, make sure and ask for the actual numbers, not just a "normal / low" result.

Lindsay - 92 may be considered normal by the GP/NHS, but it is not high enough to give much protection against MS relapses according to the data. (It may a combined D2+D3 reading too.) I'd start the pills again if I were you. As far as your kids go, the vitamindcouncil says 1,000iu a day per 25lbs of body weight. Getting them outside on sunny days (without sunblock, but watching for burning) is probably the best route, but with the way the summer is going, that is not looking like an option :-(

(Btw, the vitamindcouncil sell vitamin supplements so they have a conflict of interest. I do find the information on the website useful, but it's important to check that it is objective, and backed up with robust evidence.)


Karen x

Thanks Karen. I thought so and was going to ask my neuro but to be honest he commented ages about about not going crazy with weird supplements etc so don't know if he would be happy about me googling things myself (if you know what I mean)


Yep, I know what you mean :-)

Some neuros haven't bought into the D3 thing yet; some have. I think most would agree that D3 supplements won't do any harm though.

If you want to know more, a great website is the multiple sclerosis research blogspot, run by Prof Giovannoni's team at Bart's. If you search D3 on there, loads of stuff should come up about it. Prof G recommends that all MSers take 5,000iu a day.


Thank for all the replies.

Have had a quick look on the Barts website and it makes interesting reading.

Going to get myself some Vit d3 ASAP and if and when I finally get a dx of MS I will give it to my children as well. My sister has MS so a family link.

Can’t seem it doing any harm and it’s not expensive, been told I can’t drink with the few Meds I am on, and when I did have a glass of wine it did not agree with me! So was spending £10 a week on wine, which has been replaced with some chocolate but not £10 worth!

Check the label for what the “iu” (international units) is per pill, plus whether it is vitamin D or vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is made up of D2 and D3. It is D3 that the body needs.

The recommended supplement for adults is 5,000iu a day. If yours are regular 400iu, then it’s probably better to buy new ones (the 400iu pills may have other stuff in them to bulk them up, so you might be taking 12.5 times the amount of that that you should, which may not be a good idea!).

5,000iu D3 capsules are generally much cheaper on line.


Astonished! What dose? Be brilliant if we can start getting the high dose on prescription!

I asked my GP a couple of years ago about prescribing vit D and he said, “Sure no problem.” To which I said, “I’m not sure you have the right dose?” “How much?” “5,000iu a day.” Silence. “How much?” “5,000iu a day.” Silence. “HOW much?! HOW MUCH?!” Splutter. “I can’t prescribe you that much!” LOL!

Times they are a changing :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t wait to see if you get a diagnosis or not if I were you, mainly because it doesn’t change the odds of your kids getting MS by a massive amount: most people with MS are the only one in the family.

Remember that the chance of getting MS is about 1 in 1000 so not getting enough vit D3 is NOT the only factor (otherwise everyone in Scotland would have it!) - but if taking a simple supplement can make those odds much longer for our kids, well, it’s worth it in my eyes.


Definitely! My kids take vitD daily now. I think I need to up the dose though as they’re only on 400IU daily.

I’m on 10,000iu pro d3 daily which so far has taken my level from 20 up to 157 within a month! It’s definitely worth everyone getting prescription for vitamin d3 as it does seemed to have made a difference so far

This is all really helpful, thanks! I’ve just ordered some 5000iu D3 capsules for me and I’m now shopping around for something suitable for my 2 and 4 year olds (they both take multi-vits, so need to work out the best way to do theirs!)

Hi all,

After diagnosis a couple of months back I was advised (on here) to get some D3.  I got 5000iu D3  It wasn't expensive and delivery was quick.

I've really noticed an improvement since taking it!


Sarah x