vit d again, sorry

Hi all, just gotmy private vit d text rezult and it is

Adequate at 127

Any thoughts please ?

they reckon that msers need above the adequate level set by the NHS.

tricky one eh?

i just pop my pills when i remember.

oh i forgot them this morning so off to pop them now.

carole x


This is the Barts Blog view.


Thanks for the link Whammel. Barts say between 100 and 250 nmol is the range to aim for. So 127 nmol would be in the range.

I read somewhere that some anti-seizure medications (which also are prescribed for MS spasticity) can lower vit D absorption, so may be that’s another reason why some MSers have difficulty raising Vit D levels perhaps?.

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Hi my neurologist would like my vitamin D level to reach 100.

Sue x

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Vit D3 is measured in n/mols or ng/mls = l am following the Dr.Coimbra protocol and take 60.000 ius daily. My last test came back as 325 nmols which is 130 ng/mls. l take magnesium/K2/ B complex/B12 as well as biotin/thiamine and many others. l do have to drink at least 2 litres of water a day - this keeps the calcium from collecting in the kidneys. My GP has done a blood test to check the calcium PTH. Also, l do not eat much dairy because of the calcium.

On amazon you can download [or buy] an excellent book by Ana Claudia Domene - Multiple Sclerosis and lots of Vitamin D.

The lab that do my vitd3 test rang me to ask how much l was supplementing as anything over 250n/mols they like to contact the person. l explained about the protocol - and told her about the PTH blood test - and the other supplements l take. We chatted for a while as she was interested in what l was doing.

Whatever l am doing - l feel stronger and brighter mood- certainly no fatigue.

As long as you take magnesium glycinate or L-Threonate and drink plenty of water to help the body absorb the D3 you will soon see the benefits.

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I’d been taking them every day but levels normal so told to take them just in the winter months. As I’m currently soaking up the rays in Rhodes, I’m getting it au naturale!


Thank you all for your helpful replies.

I really appreciate them.

Im on D3 5000u daily, and my consultant said he wanted push my level up to “African” levels, whatever that is ?

If I recall my levels on the last check was something like 190, but I could be wrong.

I know it was over the average though.