Vitamin D Blood Test success

As some of you might remember, I have been trying to get my GP (who is so good at everything else to do with MS) to test my Vit D levels for a couple of years now.

Last week, I went to see the practice nurse for my regular Rebif blood tests and sneakily asked her to add the Vit D test (tried this before and GP stopped it).

However, he has just rung me to say that my Vit D levels are low. I need to start supplements immediately, and need to have a Calcium blood test in a week’s time.

Hoping the supplements will make a difference - glad my perseverance paid off in the end.

What level should I be at and what strength are others taking please?

After taking a high dose vitd3 20.000ius for over a year my levels went up from 13 to 98nmols. Now l take 10.000ius daily and l am hoping to get to the recommended level of 150/225nmols. Recent bone-density test came back as ‘within limits’. For some reason so many of us with MS - have difficulty keeping these levels. The same with B12.

As 15mins exposure, in bright sunshine, without suncream,your body absorbs 20.- you can see why you need to supplement with a high dose. For non-ms adults 5.000ius is recommended. But if you are low then a higher amount is needed. You can take it once a week. Has to be D3 - as D2 is the one that you can easily overdose on.

lf your results are not in ‘nmols’ but ‘nmgs’ then you have to multiply by 2.5 to get your result. ie 40nmg = 100nmols.

Lots of info if you google vitamind3ms - The benefits of d3 are numerous - not just for ms.

l use Healthy Origins softgels 10.000ius [amazon £15 for 360] - my GP said that she could not prescibe suitable high doses - but then that was a couple of years ago. Things have changed - and vitd3 deficiency is now taken more seriously.

I’ve been put on vitamin D supplements.

I was sent for a bone density test at the same time as getting my vitamin D levels checked. I was told I’m in the ok with my bone density but on the low side so now I’m on daily calcium tablets and one vitamin tablet pro D3 2000caps every month

GP told me a lot of PWms have low vitD levels as people get if from the sun we got o hope really