Blood test for Vit D

Hi Folks - I have a blood test for Vit D on Thursday - what kind of figure should us MSers be looking for? Any experiences or advice?

Thanks in advance…

Hi Redman,

Normal Vit D level is, I believe, 120-135 nmol/L.

Very common for MS sufferers to be below this, so Vit D supplementation may be required. (Did a blood test last month and mine came up high as I’d been taking quite high dose supplements for a few months - advised to stop supplementing until level was back down to a more ‘normal’ range)

However, I’m certainly not an expert so others may be able to give fuller advice shortly?!

Best wishes for a reasonable outcome,


Hi, mine came back as 20! Apparently very low so I now take Alphacalcidol and Calcitriol every day. Been taking these for about three months now . Had repeat blood test to check level last week, results are back but would you know “can’t tell you as the doctor hasn’t seen them yet”! Very frustrating as it takes ages to get through to our surgery! Sorry wandered off topic!! My ms nurse said at my appointment yesterday that our health authority has started to do routine vit d checks for ms patients. Apparently a large number are deficient due to us not being able to photosynthesise (?) vit d properly. Even if it doesn’t do me a any good anymore I will still enjoy sitting in the sun - that is if we get any more this year!!

I was taking massive vitamin D supplements for years (15,000IU per day). When I finally got around to having a test, my measurement was 435 nmol/L. The suggested ‘right’ level is a bit over 100, as reported above. I scared myself but when I contacted my very trustworthy neuro about it, he said that you only get toxicity over 700 nmol/L. I’m back down at 115 nmol/L now - I can’t say my health improved as I came down. In fact, it deteriorated but it had been doing that for years anyway. I think, in my case at least, my MS is not related to vitamin D levels. However, I think you get other health problems if your levels are as low as 20, increased susceptibility to infections for example.

and rickets has been in the news after a child developed rickets after having high factor sunscreen put on him.

so thats another reason to get your vit D

carole x

Mine was 79 which is apparently the lower end of ‘optimum’ for NHS (I think under 75 is considered low). I’m now taking 5,000 iu daily on neuro advice.

Haven’t noticed any positive difference after about 3 months… but doesn’t seem to be having any negative affect either.

Pat x

Just picked up my prescription. Blood results show under 50 so now on Colecalciferol 20,000u caps

every other day. Vitamin B12 also very low so taking that too.

Pharmacist did say that all doctors seem to be picking up on the Vit D and she is now out of stock!

hope this helps.


Cheers folks - thanks for the advice.

Hi, gp has just rung with my latest vitamin d results - 26 - which they are apparently treating as normal. I think I need this checking if the lowest recommended level is actually 75! Here goes - another long time waiting in a que! Lilbill x

Had mine done last year and told it was off the scale at 160++. Told to go easy on the Vit D tablets as I was obviously absorbing more naturally than thought!

Hiya Folks - got my results and Vit D level was 80, told that was normal? Thoughts?