Vit D - blood test

Anyone had a blood test for vid D deficiency done? Going to ask my GP next week…

l had one done at my GP’s - the result was very low - although my doctor said it was within the levels they worked on - which as we now know is not what recent research has proven. l then - after a year - sent for a blood test kit from a vitamind3 site. lt was just a finger-prick blood test - so very easy to do. The results were better as l had been taking 20.000ius daily for a year. l am now taking 10.000ius - and will do another test soon. Hopefully, by then l will have got up to a better level - ideally - 150/225nmols. Then l will possibly only take 5.000ius daily. My first test result was 23nmols!!!

Last one was better it came in at 95nmols.


Yes - I’ve had several. It should be straightforward, but if the GP wants to know why, just tell him/her that a significant proportion of MSers are deficient in vitamin D. There have been articles about it in The Lancet, so hopefully the GP will know already.

Btw, “normal” according to the current UK rules is believed to be too low for MSers, so get the exact numbers when you get the results back even if you’re told your results are normal. It’s the D3 number that’s important, not the overall number, and MSers should aim for their level to be higher than normal.

Karen x

Thanks Folks for advice - will take along to GP with me - cheers…xx

Yes, my gp did when asked and it came back 51.9. As I also suffer osteoporosis was told by nurse that they would prefer mine to be 75+ and even as high as 100!

Ive been prescribed vit.d3 supplements via gp because now knowing vit.d3 might be implicated in ms and osteoporosis (meaning porus bones) being caused by lack of vit.d3 (sunshine vitamin) theyre both trying to get my levels back up again. They are indeed rising but not quite there as yet.

One positive of taking extra vit.d3, I dont get as many spasms as I did (leg and arm), although am getting lots more stomach spasms? No idea why.