Vitamin D

I’ve just recieved the results of vitamin D blood test and have been told my levels are normal should I keep taking supplements?

I don’t know the answer. But I did push the report thread button on my phone. It was completely by accident. Hope someone can give you advice.

It depends on who did the testing and what level they consider to be normal.

Taking the supplements won’t do you any harm and you never know, raised levels over a long term period may even help protect your system. Seeing as it is harmless and not expensive I don’t think you have anything to lose by keeping taking it

I had my blood test done at the local Nhs clinic and my results from my doctor. Thanks for any advice given. Jonesbear.

I’m with Ginsozzled on this one. I would continue. No harm that I’m aware of and we need to do everything that could help us. Hugs Min xx

Hi, It would have been more useful if they’d told you what the results are. “Normal” doesn’t mean much. The NHS are notoriously years behind current thinking, and may well be comparing your results to what was deemed normal 20 or 30 years ago. If you have an actual result, at least you can then look it up and find out what someone with MS should be aiming for. Heather


I have “normal” levels of vit D and was actually advised not to take additional supplement.

However I am sneekly popping a few vit D pills with fatty foods as vit D is fat soluble. If you take it in very large amount it can lead to increased chances of kidney stones and renal failure.

Cusano NE, Thys-Jacobs S and Bilezikian JP. “Hypercalcemia Due to Vitamin D Toxicity.” In Vitamin D, Third Edition, by Feldman D, Pike JW and Adams JS. Elsevier Academic Press, 2011.

Look up this reference if interested

Good luck with whatever you decide

T x


So, even though you were advised not to supplement, you’re doing this anyway ?!!

Sorry, but I don’t understand this. Did you feel the advice was wrong, and the person giving the advice had made a mistake?

Do you feel - at least - that supplementation is making a positive difference?

Thanks and best wishes,


If you have been taking supplements then you would expect " normal " results surely ?

I have PA and get B12 injections and my doctor says there is no point testing my levels as they will be normal due to the supplemental injections, I would expect the same to apply to other supplements as long as your system absorbs them.


The book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis recommends that people with MS should keep their levels of vitamin D higher than normal, ie at 150-225 nmol/L. When I was tested I was 75 and considered normal, and when I looked at City Assays testing, they said anything over 60 was normal (they test for the NHS). Jonesbear, is it worth asking exactly what level you were?

A few weeks ago i had blood tests for my levels,the results went to my GP who in her knowledge told me my levels were just fine( this was about 40) A couple of weeks after that i got a letter from my actual neuro who said my levels were mildly deficient.

I do wish they would pass this information on to the GPs so they can stop fobbing me off,it would make life a little easier.

I had my levels checked a few months ago including a bone scan I was told my levels where really low for the vit D so now i have to take calcium tablets I take vitamin D tab as well as they go hand in hand apparently but thats because I’ve had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago with no HRT (I had endometriosis)

It was only last night I read you can get too much vitamin D so it might be worth your while to ask your gp or neuro should you carry on with it I know as the calcium had a bit of vit D in it so the ones off the gp are mega high I have to take one a month.

Hope this helps


My levEls Were loW so went on some tablets after a while I asked my doc about stopping and was told keep on taking as the body will use what it wants and you pee out the rest. Hope this helps

A GP is general medicine and their averages are UK normal averages, My Neuro told me I need to be at the upper end of the normal range or just passed it as very strong various studies showed high vitamin d levels cut down relapse rates and even slowed down MS progression. So keeping to a everyday pill of 5,000 iu was beneficial to me.

That don’t mean people need to get silly and pop 20,000 and thinking they will reduce relapse rates even more or stick blindly to 10,000. Always get your levels tested and aim for higher end of the average scale or just passed it.

Seeing as hes a neurologist and help develop a blood test to look for JC virus I think I listen to him more than my GP they cant be
expected to know everything and will always play it safe and stick to normal guidlines.

It’s good to remember people with MS wont get what they need from sun or foods high in vitamin d we are unable to make usual amount of vitamin d from the sun or absorb enough from high content vitamin d foods compared to the so called normal people.

Thank you to everyone for your posts I think the best thing to do is to get back in touch with my Gp and find out my exact VitD levels and see what recommends again thanks for your posts. Jonesbear.