Can anyone tell me the correct vit D and B12 levels for people with MS? Im sorry I have asked before but misplaced answers! Thanks


vitamin d level should be between 150-225 nmols. Not sure about B12 - sorry!

Teresa. x

Thanks Teresa

I got 176.4 vit d and 461 ng/L B12 without supps. Any ideas wether to take supps? Doc says no but admits she knows little about our wonderful disease.

Hi Steve

Do you know if your level was vit d or vit d3? Its the vitamin d3 result you need to look at. There is a difference.

Mine was 140 so a little low so i take 5000iu vit d3. If your result was for the vit d3 then yours is a good level and taking supps may not be needed. (your choice).

Hopefully someone will come along who knows about B12 so this will bump you back up again.


Total Vitamin D. Is there a % of which will be D3 or do I need to get another? Thanks guys.