Vit d3 levels


Sorry for the old subject but I did a search of old threads and couldn’t see what the best levels of vit d3 are in the blood.

I have just had mine back and it is 200 nm/l. I know that this is high. Should I cut back on the 10,000 iu I am taking at the moment?

Any feedback would be really appreciated.



It’s at the highest end of the sufficient range according to the Vitamin D Council. They suggest to aim for 125 nmol (50ng) being the ideal.

But they also say between the range 100 - 200 nmol (40 - 80 ng) is sufficient and they do not recommend going over 250 nmol (100 ng).

All I know is Prof G from Barts MS follows the Vit D Council guidelines. I’ve not been told by my neuro what level to aim for, just my MS nurse said 5,000iu a day is recommended.

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Thanks Lenney. :slight_smile:

And to confirm what Lenney said, my neuro (last time I saw him) sent me for a blood test specifically for D3. Later he wrote that he was pleased that I was at the high end of "normal (from memory that was at the 80ng mark). I cannot quote the exact figure without moving a lot of stuff that is sitting on top of the relevant file.

Prior to this I told my MS Nurse that I took 2400iu daily - and she wanted me to double it in winter, which I did.

But, just remember that former member rizzo took 10,000iu daily and effectively overdosed on it.
We are as variable as our MS in our response to D3.


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I got my bloods done last week for Vit D - they said it could take a week or more to come back, as it is a complex test, so awaiting results.

Thanks for your replies. Just got a full blood count back, low in Calcium, very high in vit b12 but I do take 4000 mcg, so not surprising. I have a low Mean corpuscle haemoglobin (mch) which could mean I am anaemic. The Doctor didn’t go through that with me, as it was a telephone consultation. I’m a bit annoyed about that.

I think that I may cut back to 5,000 iu vit d3 for the time being.


The lab didn’t process my blood sample for Vit D - think they can do that now because so many people are looking their Vit D levels checked…my GP has put me on Vit D / Calcium supplements on script…so i will see how it goes…

Hi, I remember Prof G saying it’s best not to take combined vit D/calcium tablets but I can’t remember the reason why.

I used to take the combined ones for over a year and then stopped. Now I take vit D in the morning and calcium in the late afternoon.

I think the calcium helps the Vit D be absorbed.