'Dangerously high' levels of Vit.D

Arghhhhh! I got a phone call today from the doctor’s surgery, after a blood test yesterday for my Vit.D and Calcium levels. They reckoned my Vit D level was ‘sky high’, and told me to stop taking the Vit D supplements which I’ve taken since the consultant recommended them, probably when I was first diagnosed (2013 but in any case since 2015. And the odd occasion when I’ve forgotten them, I feel absolutely lousy - drained of energy and a bit pathetic. Now I don’t know what to do for the best! GP thinks the level is very high, but deferred to the consultant… I wish they would all sing from the same songsheet!

It would be interesting to know what level they consider to be too high, because the recommended daily amount in UK is 400iu and that’s just enough to avoid Rickets. Of course, they may well be right, but some clarification is needed. This is the view on the Barts Blog. “To remind you it is our policy to advise all our patients to ensure they are vD replete; we aim for a plasma level of 25OH-vD3 of greater than 100 nmol/L and less than 250 nmol/L. I start by recommending 5,000IU/day and testing blood levels about 12 weeks later. If levels are still low and the patient has been adherent then we increase the dose to 10,000 IU/day and if too high we reduce the dose to between 2,000-4,000IU/day.” Multiple Sclerosis Research: #ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: what dose of vitamin D?

my current level is 124 nmol/l, which my neuro is happy with, however my urologist thinks I should lower my 5000iu daily intake or even stop it all together after my calcium levels were high and I developed kidney stones . The urologist did try to explain how high levels of Vit D3 has a bearing on calcium deposits being absorbed into tissue such as the kidneys, rather than bone, but at the time I was in too much pain to take it all in !