vit d

Hi folks after blood test my vit d levels are 44 with according to gp a normal being 50

She recommends I take 4000 iu off vit d supplement then in summer reduce to 20,000 u

What do you guys that know think. TIA george

I started on 5000iu about 4 years ago and stayed on this level until recently. My initial levels were 33, and ended up 119. My levels were a bit slow to raise up hence staying on 5000iu. Its best to keep a check on your levels but not just D3, I think calcium levels need to be checked as well because too much D3 can cause issues with calcium build up. I was recently admitted to hospital with kidney stones and the urologist said the D3 levels (119) might well have had something to do with developing kidney stones. When I spoke to my MS clinic they told me to cut back to 2000iu . What gripes me though is the fact that the MS clinic advises us to go onto high doses of D3, but dont give a level to aim for, or do regular blood tests to see if everything else is ok. It was always left to me to ask my GP to arrange blood tests, and only when the kidney stones developed and I contacted the MS clinic did they advise to cut back on the D3. Personally I think anyone who is told to go onto high dosages of D3 or any meds for that matter it should fall to who ever gave that advise to arrange regular check ups. MY GP always felt that 5000iu was a bit high, and always frowned a little bit about my levels being above the normal range, but because it was the MS neuro who put me on this dose and insisted on staying at this level it wasn’t really questioned, until the kidney stone thing.

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The trouble is the normal level in the UK is set to avoid rickets and not much use for us. Take a look at the Barts Blog for a more informed view. “To remind you it is our policy to advise all our patients to ensure they are vD replete; we aim for a plasma level of 25OH-vD3 of greater than 100 nmol/L and less than 250 nmol/L. I start by recommending 5,000IU/day and testing blood levels about 12 weeks later. If levels are still low and the patient has been adherent then we increase the dose to 10,000 IU/day and if too high we reduce the dose to between 2,000-4,000IU/day.” Multiple Sclerosis Research: #ClinicSpeak & #ResearchSpeak: what dose of vitamin D?

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Thanks whammel .

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Yes thanks wammel gp wants me tested in three month so she’s not far away with her recommendations

Vitamin k helps your body absorb the vitamin d and helps stop the calcium build up. I was first prescribed 20000iu a day for 12 weeks with vit k by my gp after a I pushed for a vit d blood test after a relapse which showed I had virtually none in my system!. After 12 weeks my level were back within the normal range. I decided to carry on with vit d and started taking 5000iu & vit k. More recently I’ve upped my dose to 10000iu and after recent test my current level is 174 which is the top of the normal range. My neurologist is happy for me to stay at this level. I have blood tests every 6 months or so but still take vit k to prevent calcification.

Hi. I take 4000ul and have been for the last year. They say that for people with MS it should be around 100. I cut out gluten as my levels weren’t rising and as soon as I did theu rose pretty quickly:-). X