vit D

I have just been told that my vit D level is 16. The doc has put me on 30,000iu tablet twice a week for 5 weeks and then I have another blood test.

Can anyone tell me what effect this will have , will I have more energy? etc. I know everybody’s different I just want an idea of what a proper level of vit D will do. Thanks


I’m currently in a GP ‘experiment’ on this vitamin (see my post on sunshine pill).

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything different while on 10,000 iu a day for 3 months as my level was 13.

May be vit D3 will show as something much more longer term and have hidden effects? Positive I hope.


One of my friends has a daughter who had Vitamin D levels down below 20 nmol/L. This 15-year-old was continually getting colds and other infections, was generally tired and grumpy (that could have just been a teenager thing) and then fractured a bone (I think in her foot, but not certain) which took months to heal. The slow healing was the thing that made her GP give her blood tests which showed her extremely low level of Vitamin D. I think that normal levels of Vitamin D mean you are normally resistant to infections and have less chance of bone thinning - possibly you might find you have more energy.

l have taking 10.000ius daily for the last two years - prior to that l was taking 20.000ius - and my levels are 98 - still too low.

150/225 is the optimum level according to my books on vitamind3deficiency. Seems most of us with ms have this problem.

Have you noticed that how adverts for cereals/yoghurts etc are all now fortified with vitd3.

My level 5yrs ago was as low as yours. Except when l asked my consultant neuro about vitd - he said a normal diet would provide enough!! - l hope he is eating his words now as so many GP’s are realising the importance of Vitd3 - and vitb12.

lt is such a cheap supplement to buy - only about £15 per annum.



My GP prescribes my Vit-D3 although it’s quite a low dosage 400iu along with calcium carbonate (1500mg). I guess when I have my next blood test he’ll advise if I can continue taking these or boost me up to a higher concentrate of Vit-D3 only (he said it was ok to take but Vit-D3 with calcium when I checked with him at my last appt with him in Feb).

Take care

Pen xx