Vit D3 10,000 or 5,000

Hi everyone, I was just ordering myself some Vit D3 on Amazon and noticed they sell it in 10,000iu. I have always brought 5,000iu and thought this was the highest!

What do you lot take?

Thanks X

I used to take the holland and barratt vit d but after a blood test with my dr she told me my vit d level was too low. She told me to get Valupak vit d from the pharmacy attached to my surgery they are only 1000iu She told me they are sufficient as they are pharmacy grade and they only cost £1 for 60 tablets due to go for another blood test in a few weeks so fingers crossed these have actually worked.

Hi Vicky,

10000 iu is quite a high dosage (you don’t specify if you are taking you supplements weekly or daily), especially considering that we are in summer and it more likely you will be exposed to sun light(hopefully) . The neurologist gave me 10000iu but at the time I had a Vitamin D deficiency and after 4 weeks I moved to a lower dosage. Did you talk to the doctor about dosage and did you have blood test done recently? It is very important to carry out checks on Vitamin D level especially after winter.

For example, I have been on 4000iu daily till May, but now (after blood test results) the MS nurse recommended 600iu daily as maintenance dose.

I hope this helps


For some years l have been taking 20,000ius daily through the winter and 10,000ius in the summer. On rare hot sunny days where l can sit out for a while l do not take it."20 mins exposure to hot sun is the equivalent of 20,000ius. Every six months l have my levels tested at B/ham Assays lab - it is a postal service - and just a blood spot test - easily done and posted off - and results are emailed back very quickly. l have never got my levels over 98nmols - and the optimum level is 150/225 nmols.

l get my vitd3 via amazon - Healthy ~Origins softgels 360 for about £15 - for 5 or 10,000ius. The 10,000ius works out cheaper as you can just take one or two a week if you do not want to take daily.

l think it is best to get a independent test done - B/ham Assays test is very comprehensive - unlike the blood test at the GPs. As you do not want D2 added to your D3.

lts also important to take magnesium and zinc along with D3. Just google vitamin d3/magnesium/zinc MS -

And, if you read the previous replies, you will not that just like almost everything about MS, we are all different.
Rizzo, formerly of this forum reported what amounted to a overdose of D3 at 10,000iu a day, and stopping completely it took months for her to come down to “normal”.

The right dose is the one that gets your level into the OK range.
You only get there by blood tests (and B’ham Assays are the best).

I get mine from Amazon as well. For me, 2400iu daily is about right (but my MS nurse did want me to double this during the winter). So, you can see how spacejacket’s advice about buying the stronger ones works out cheaper. One a day suits me better, but we are all different (ddi I just repeat myself?).