Vit D

hi there i need some help about how much vit d to take .asked my nuero about it but she didn,t seem to keen on i want to give it a try for my self .could any body give me any idea on a doseage .my ms has been going down hill rapidily over the past few months so i need to give something new a go .so if anyone can help with any advice

thankyou xx

Hi I think the general consensus is 5000 iu…certainly that’s what I take. Xx

I was toally confused about doses. My sonsultant talks in International Units (iu) and Boots pack is in microgrammes.

The table I found on wikipedia goes like this:

1iu = 0.025microgrammes

1000iu = 25 microgrammes

I am taking 2000iu but I am heading for 4000 or 5000iu but increasing gently

My consultant said about that much but it all seems very vague and I am going to follow this thread with interest. Thanks for bringing it up


I also take 5000iu per day, but have you had your vitamin D levels checked? As I did read a post on here not too long ago, that it can be dangerous to take too much vitamin D unless your levels are particularly low.



Ask your GP for a blood test to determine the level of Vitamin D3 in your blood.

The normal range should be somewhere between 125-150 nmol/l, but I understand that people with MS can often be deficient in this area. By exactly how much will vary from person to person, so your level ought to be checked first - BEFORE you consider whether supplementation is necessary and at what level !!

I’m sure others will be able to offer further (probably more precise and better) advice shortly?!



(PS: I just did my own ‘home based’ blood test - through ‘’ and, having taken Vit D3 supplements of 10,000iu just because I thought I ought to in case, my result came back as 299nmol/l - so high that ‘cityassays’ phoned me and suggested I stop taking the supplements immediately.)

thanks for all your repilies had a blood test done last feb can,t remember exact figure but was told my levels were very low .thats why i had hoped my nuero would do something with the vit d .might go and see my gp this week see what she reccomends.

Hi Mistymoo

I saw my neurologist last week and asked him this very question as i keep getting very conflicting advice about vitiman d supplements. His advice to me was anything between 2-5000iu a day is deemed safe,effective and appropriate for MSers.

He did tell me to keep an eye on my level reguarlay (especially once started on DMDs as this can increase natural levels?)

He also said things only start getting to a toxic level once we start going in to tens of thousands iu a day.

Best to check with your doctor though, maybe take some MS society info about vit.d along - could help things along?

laura x

I saw my MS nurse recently and she suggested I start vit D supplements at 5000 per day unless I was going to be in the sun with it on my arms and face for an hour.


I agree with the above posts about the blood test to check the levels before and after. Also see if the GP will recommend a dosage level for you to take and timescale.

I had a blood test done by a GP practice nurse and then the doc called me to prescribe 10,000 iu a day for 3 months! I’m half way through at the moment and then another blood test next month to see where we go from there.

So much opinions about D3 out there.



as you know your levels it should be good for you. be aware that it should be monitored, i tried taking vit D and it really upset my stomach, i found out that stomach problems can be a sign that you’re overdosing, which is rare, but harmful. look on line for a list of symptoms of vit D toxicity, just so you know what you’re checking for.

wendy x