Vitamin D3 5000 iu tablets


Can anyone recommend a good supplier/product for vitamin D3 5000iu tablets please?

you can get them on prescription from your GP but i found them huge and difficult to swallow.

so i buy the softgel ones from amazon.they are called Nu U.

they are 1000iu so i take 5 at a time.

Hi Madani

You can get lots of strengths from Healthy Origins through Amazon.

You should get your vitamin D level checked by the Dr first as too much Vit D can cause problems.

Try and ask your MS nurse or neurologist for advice.


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My Vit d3 was low in a recent blood test, I was told to take 40,000iu per day for a couple of months then get bloods tested again. I take 5000iu soft gel (4 twicea day) get them from Toll healthcare on-line , which was recommended to me from a fitt and healthy friend.

I will post again in the future to report if it has worked. Take care.


Carol. Vitamin D3 (Fultium or Colecalciferol) is no longer recommended for treatment of MS patients so GPs will no longer be able to prescribe them check out my last posting on this subject.

I was taking 3200 IU capsules a day, but after a routine vitamin D check was found to be deficient I was then prescribed what I would call a blast of vitamin D over a seven week period followed by 2 much larger dose tablets monthly for maintenance. However last month I was not prescribed any further colecalciferol as my GP has informed me that vitamin D is no longer recommended for the treatment of MS, but if I felt I needed to due to lack of exposure to sunlight I was able to buy them from the high street!

I have spoken with a pharmacist that works with a neurological rehabilitation service that I am registered with but have to admit that that was of little help I am going to speak to my GP next week I have an appointment on Monday not to discuss my vitamin D but she’s going to listen to me whether she likes it or not on the subject and I am going to suggest that as I have already been found to be deficient that I should have regular vitamin D blood tests to ensure that I am not deficient in the future. This would not be that difficult as they could easily do an additional blood test when they do my blood sugar tests (HBc1A).


my ms specialist at salford royal always tells us to take D3 supplements due to not much sun up here in the north.

at my next appointment i’ll ask him.

My neurologist always recommended D3. As did every MS nurse I’ve ever seen. It’s also still recommended by Professor Giovannoni (of St Barts). He recommends 5000iu daily, but then to have a blood test after 6 weeks to ensure you’re not taking too much. This is also in line with the recommendations of the Vitamin D Council

I suspect that it’s just the NICE recommendations have altered, so they’re no longer recommending that GPs prescribe Vitamin D.


My neurologist at Charing Cross recommended D3 and Statin 5 years ago ish however discharged me into the care of my MS nurse who retired within 12 months until now I have been without one but I’m waiting to see someone new now (about 3 weeks so far) I’m thinking about not mentioning the D3 question tomorrow at the GPs and waiting to see whoever has replaced my MS nurse. Remember whatever is disused will be reported back to my GP so if what I’ve been told isn’t quite right I might be able to continue with it sooner or later after all specialists should know more than a GP.

My GP still prescribes D3(5000iu) for me ?

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I take the same and also Vitamin K2 as it is recommended …


Agree, amnd make sure the Vit K is the MK7 type.

Also Vit D is fat soluable so take with food.

It took me years to get my D levels up, it wasn’t until I found out that I should of been taking it with food that my levels started to rise.

I always buy mine from they called Super Strength Vitamin D3 (1000iu), are nice and small so easy to swallow. The company has a large range of products to buy. I have just checked their website and see they also sell Vitamin K2 75 ug. The prices are reasonable and ordering is easy, and delivery fast.

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Online at BULKPOWDERS I got a years worth for about £11.00 plus postage.

Jan x

I take for 5000iu five days a week as advised by my MS Nurse can’t remember details but it’s so as not to take too much.

I find that swanson is really good. Holland & Barrett really bad on vit d3. Good on other stuff.

Is everyone having their vitamin D levels regularly checked ? I was prescribed 5000iu daily about 2 years ago and I’ve never had it checked once.

Pretty important to get it checked. Your GP will need to put this on the blood form

Also its not just a basic vitamin D blood test that you’ll need, theres a specific test for D3, I think it’s called 25(OH)D .

Your GP will need to put this on the blood form.

To get good levels from the D3 you need to take it with food as its fat soluble, also take Vit K (MK7) if taking high doses of Vit D, it helps the body absorb the Vit D correctly , otherwise theres a possibility of tissue absorbing/storing calcium .

I’ve been on 5000iu for 6 years, my levels were taking forever to raise, it wasn’t until my Haematologist explained the importance of taking D3 with food that the levels started to to up.

He also said it’s vital to take Vit K(MK7) if on high doses of D3.

It must be the MK7 version of Vit K.

I didn’t have my Vit D3 checked for about 3 years, and my Vit D levels were abnormally low. But my Gp has still taken me off it!

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My levels were still low after 3years, even though I was on 5000iu daily.

It wasn’t until I was told to take with food that my levels started raise.

I still get them from my GP on repeat prescription though.

I’d always taken mine with food.


people are saying to get your D3 levels checked because if levels are too high there’s a risk of kidney stones.

what a pity we can’t get the real thing here, real, proper sunshine!

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