Benefits of vit D3

I have read several posts from various sources recommending vit D3. Can someone please tell me the strength of tablet/capsule I need and how many of these per day required. Thanks in advance, Tree65

Best thing is to have a look at the vitamind3uk and vitamindcouncil websites.

If it helps, I take 5,000iu a day: a single capsule with food.

Make sure you shop about - the price varies a lot. Ebay sometimes has some at very reasonable prices. I get mine from iHerb. Websites are very much cheaper than shops.

It is a good idea to get a blood test (via your GP) to check your levels. Do this after you’ve been on D3 for at least 4 weeks too - to see if you’re taking enough.

Karen x

Thanks a lot Karen - will ask my GP for a blood test and take it from there! Tree65

Just be aware that “normal” according to the NHS is below what is being recommended for MSers these days. It kind of depends on what you read, but I think we’re supposed to aim for a level above 125nmol/l or even 150nmol/l whereas most GPs will tell you that 50nmol/l is absolutely fine.


Thanks I’ll make a note of that and see what the test shows. My current GP is very young and listens well . I think the fact that she qualified recently means she is on board with up-to-date thinking! Tree65 x