Advice about vit D3 auppliments

HI, im pretty new so if someones already asked this just tell me.
I was wondering if anyone takes vitamin D suppliments daily, and if so, how much you take. I just started with it taking 10,000 IU a day. Do i need to go up or down from this?

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Yes a lot of us on here take vit d plus Adcal D3. I actually take 3000 iu but many take more, I’m sure others will inform you of what they take. Rizzo would be the best person to tell you and I’m sure she will see your post.

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I had an acute deficiancy and was prescribed 50 000 a week for 8 weeks.

Now take 5 000 a day.

I cannot belive the difference…feel so much better.

It could be a coincidence, who knows.

I hope it works for you x

lt depends on your body-weight - the heavier you are the more d3 you need. lf your gp will not test you for d3 - you can get it done by post from a nhs lab in B/ham. lts only a pin-prick test. You need to aim for 150/225 nmols. l have taken 20,000ius daily for a couple of years now l am taking 10.000ius.My level is still only 90

l have a friend who has had cancer - and his oncologist put him on 60,000 ius daily- considering his cancer was supposed to be inoperable and he went to USA for an op - and 8yrs down the line he is still fit and well - and still taking this high dose of d3.


So pleased that you have felt the difference from supplementing with D3 - lt helps with mood/depression as well as lower back and joint pains.


Prof Giovannoni and his team at Bart’s who run the multiple sclerosis research blogspot recommend 5,000iu a day, but there are also websites saying that we should aim for 150-200nmol/l, as Frances has already said.

The thing is that we are all different, with different starting levels and different supplementation needs. 5,000iu is probably fine for most people, but to be sure, you need to get regular blood tests, at least until you know what dose is right for you. For example, I started on 2,000iu and a blood test a month later came back at only 83 nmol/l so I upped it to 5,000iu. That took me up to 126nmol/l. So now I alternate 5,000iu and 10,000iu a day.

You do have to be a bit careful though - having too much vitamin D3 can be counterproductive for some other things - so it’s sensible to get it checked that your levels aren’t getting too high. Also, vitamins and minerals are not always harmless, especially at high doses and in combination. Taking too much of them can be every bit as bad as taking too much medication.

Supplementation can take 4 weeks or longer before it starts to make a difference, so don’t expect instant results. In fact, you may not feel any benefit at all from taking D3, but that’s OK because the evidence is growing that it’s a preventative med for MS (as well as treating D3 deficiency if someone has it of course).


Karen x

Thanks for the replies, i’ll have to wait awhile to see whether it works for me and fortunately im going to be having monthly blood tests so i’ll find out how my vitamin D is going.

Jim - lf you google vit d3 test B/ham - lts a postal blood-spot test done by City Hospital.