Vit D now I am confused :(

Hi All

I started taking Vit D and after seeing numerous posts on here I started taking a higher dose due to the weather I had been taking 5000iu but not every day.

I saw my GP today to get repeat prescriptions and talk about Vit D level etc and she wasnt overally happy with me taking 5000iu as she mentioned calcium problems and said I would need to add that to my next blood test to check my levels and to speak to the MS nurse about it as well to see what guidlines should be followed.

I am so confused I thought I was doing the right thing to give myself the best chance of staying healthy and now I feel like I have put myself at risk of something else.

Any words of wisdon greatly appreciated.



Hi Tracey,


I take prescribed vit.d3 and have been told to double up to 2,000 IU and drink a pint of skimmed milk per day.  Dont forget yoghurts, cheese and spread, in fact anything dairy counts as calcium and some have added vit.d too.


Doctors tend to be overcautious and their guidelines have never been updated since the year dot. 


If you feel awkward taking 5,000 IU then cut them in half or only take them every other day.  There are lots of msers who take more than you do and are fine.


The problem may be if you are a vegetarian.  Then you may need calcium supplements.  I hope other msers can put your mind at rest too.  Im under medical guidance and my bloods are fine with my routine.




Hi Tracey,

Please don't feel worried.

You can get 20,000 units from one dose of sunshine, so 5000 is not excessive.

The docs are way behind with the research on Vit D3.

Please take a look at the Barts MS blog; I hope this will put your mind at rest.

Take care 

Clare x



Clare is right you know.


Doctors tend to poo poo anything they don't understand, and they are usually way out of touch with current thinking and research.

I'd love to take vitamin D3 supplements but my body goes all tingley everytime I try, so I have to rely on getting my D3 from the sun - not good this weather!


Thank you all for your posts, its so hard to know if you are doing the best thing or not. I am hoping for some better weather as so fed up with the rain. 

Hope you all have a good weekend.