Vit D3 advice needed please....

Hi everyone,


Can anyone tell me please, if there is a safe starting 'amount or dose' that a person should stick to, when starting taking vitamin D3?


I am considering trying the 10,000IU dose for a few months.  I know there is a lower 5000IU dose that I could try first.  However, I really need to get my energy back and to start feeling a little better asap.  Fed up of just  not feeling 'right'.


thanks in advace for any replies given,


Anna x

Hi Anna,


I take 5000 IU but it's not a magic bullet - wish I could say that it was.

Others on here take drugs for fatigue perhaps they could offer some suggestions in case the vit d does not do all you hope.



I use 2200 IU but unsure as to whether they help me much to be honest

Vitamin D deficiency can cause lots of symptoms (like muscle aches, stiffness and fatigue), so the supplement might improve that kind of thing if you're deficient, but I doubt you'll notice much of a difference if you aren't deficient. Vit D3 is more a preventative for MS rather than something that changes what we are like already.


I started on 2200iu and got a blood test. I was still under the recommended levels (vitamindcouncil) so I put it up to 5000iu a day. I was borderline when I had the next blood test so I now alternate 10000iu and 5000iu a day.


If your fatigue doesn't improve on the vit D3, you could talk to your MS nurse about meds for fatigue. Modafinil works really well for me. Amantadine is also effective for some MSers.


Karen x

I take 5000 units in the form of liquid sunshine. I have found its hard to get a reliable figure for how much is toxic but Prof Jelinek (overcoming ms book) says its quite high, like 20000 units, i think.



Thanks again for all of your replies.

They have given me a lot of info.



Anna x

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your reply.

I currently am trying out the ‘Amantadine’. I have been on it for about nearly 2 months now. I upped the dose from 100mg to 200mg per day about 2 weeks ago, as it didnt work as well as I hoped. Still nothing yet as far as fatigue improvement is concerned.

So I am really interested in the other meds you suggested called ‘Modifinil’ - although I have been reading up a little on it and there are some pretty scary stories out there about it!

If you have any other info regarding it thou, please can you post it here?

As, there are many good posts regarding it too and I haven’t ruled it out yet completely. Although, I am still terrified about try some of the drugs for MS as they seem lethal when they don’t suit you.

Hope you are well.


Anna x