vitamin d

I have been asking for a vitamin d3 test and finally had a blood test. I asked the doctor and nurse for vitamin d3 testing and I have just been called and advised that my vitamin d is fine at 138. I queried if this was d3 and she said no just vitamin d. Is this the same test as I don’t want to go back and not know the facts. Is this level OK thanks zoe

My GP told me that they no longer get a breakdown of D2 and D3, just the D total. 138 is just about perfect though, so whatever you’re doing is working! Do get it checked again in a few months, especially if you change meds (e.g. Rebif can increase vit D levels) or we finally get some decent sunshine - it’s as important to not let it get too high as too low. (The ideal level is supposedly 125-150nmol/l.)

Karen x

Hi - not been on here for a while, but have just read this post and hope you don’t mind me asking a question… I had a blood test for Vit D - it came back as 27, which the GP said was a little low as it should be between 36 and 60. I’m now taking Vit D3 supplements but am a bit confused by the readings mentioned above - is it different units? Can you help to clarify this please? Karen / anyone else ? - thanks and best wishes to all,


The NHS guidelines for vitamin D were developed to prevent rickets - they are therefore woefully out of date.

The idea is that people with MS should aim for a level of 125-150nmol/l or 50-60ng/ml. This is the sort of vit D level that someone who works out of doors naturally levels off at - so it’s believed to be the ideal level.

As you can see, there are two units used: nmol/l and ng/ml. If you were 27ng/ml, then that’s low, but not a disaster. If you were 27nmol/l then it was not good at all! Either way, best to be taking a supplement in the absence of any decent sunshine. Do keep an eye on it though - I let mine get too high and felt like cr@p :frowning:


Hi Karen - thanks so much for the clarification. I think it must have been 27ng/ml 'cause the GP said it was “slightly low”. She suggested a supplement for 3 months, don’t take anything during the summer and have another blood test around October time. Sounds reasonable to me. Hope you’ve got your levels sorted out now and feel better than you did.

Take care and thanks again for your help,

Hazel x