losing confidence in doctors / hospital

Last Monday I went for a follow-up appointment with the hospital.

At the time I think it went ok but looking back they really did nothing my doctors have already done ie reflex tests etc.
A little look on the screen at my brain lesions but no talk on what could have caused them.

They asked if I have had a vitamin d test which I was unsure if I had. They could not see any results on the system so they did another blood test at the hospital.

Now nobody can see any results, not my doctors or the hospital.

Spoke to my local doctor today, and he said he is unsure why the hospital asked for the tests. Not a normal test to be done.

Is this true??

Anyway, the doctor said he will arrange for the blood test to be done again.

Bit confused with it all.

Hi, I dont think ive ever been tested for vit d. I know its documented people with ms should take it, and i do, but never been tested or even asked

I’ve had multiple Vitamin D tests, I think the latest was requested by Neurology but I’m not 100% sure

I had a Vit D test when I was diagnosed and the consultant said that whilst my result was normal, he wanted to get my levels up to higher part of normal. So told me to take 1000UI a day