MRI done!!!!!

Hi everyone been and had my MRI this morning and now sitting at home with a lemon muffin and a cuppa! …thank god it wasn’t too bad the diazapam helped…only one dodgy moment when they brought me out to inject the contrast I said can I have a pee but no chance of they would have to start all over again so I just had to grin and bear it certainly took my mind off the claustrophobic feelings lol!.. And thanks to you all for the advice but maybe needing a pee is the way to forget your actually in an MRI machine!!! Emma x

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the update, was wondering how you’d got on.

So pleased you got through it. MRI’s are awful but necessary for our condition.

Jen x

Hi Emma, Glad you got through it ok. your pee comment made me laugh and I’m glad the diazepam worked. I was really cold in mine too which I forgot to mention. I agree a distraction working a treat. Maybe we should all drink loads of water before going in or wear some itchy socks?!

Well done you xx Lemon muffin - yum yummy yum! Sam x

Well done…not sure i could try your tactic though as I’d be scared of peeing my pants :slight_smile: haha. But you deserved the lemon muffin…yummy. Think I might eat my creme egg now… I probably don’t deserve it like you do! When do you get your results? X

Hia don’t know when I get results…dreading that bit and I’m now craving a cadburys caramel egg but got my pjs on so will have to be mini eggs when kids go to bed cause I’m not sharing ha ha!!! x