Hi all, had the dreaded MRI. I was in that flippin scanner for one hour and fifty five minutes!! Head, neck and spine scanned first, then canulated and scanned again with contrast. Couldn’t get up from the bed after without help. My body had seized and I was in agony!! Phew!!! Things we go through eh?!!

Aww vinnygirl, such a long time. I bet you’re glad that’s over. Take it easy now xx

That’s too long to expect anyone to endure! Have a glass of your favourite tipple you deserve it

Jan x

Thanks everyone. Yes I’ve enjoyed a couple of amber nectar’s tonight and I’ll be calling it a day very soon. Tired +++ night everybody, sleep tight xxx


2hrs seems awfy long! i need help to get in and out of the scanner and cant move when in there. i find it relaxing tho-meditation is brill just for such times!

hope u r relaxing today… ellie

Hi Ellie,

​It was a long time. Thought it was never going to end!

However, last night i slept well. Two cans of lager and my night time meds saw to that haha.

MS physio class again tomorrow so today i’m conserving my energy!!

Best wishes…Julie

I’m not one for confined spaces; i can’t even tolerate sleeping in a sleeping bag!

I still regret having a quick peek during the midway point of my last MRI.

I try to chillax and let the hums, bangs and clunks remind me of the raves and Chemical Brothers concerts of my teenage years.

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Haha, that’s what i do. I use the thumps and bangs and think of songs in my head that match the beat BUT i NEVER want to go through that process again for a l…o…n…g time!!