Back from MRI :)

I’ve just got back from the MRI. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. And No Head Cage. Yey!!! I can still hear the banging noises though. Really loud.

Just got to wait for results now. Hope they won’t take too long.

Thanks for all your words of support. Really helped. I was thinking of you all as I was in the machine. Oh. My nose started itching half way through.

Shazzie xx

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Hi Shazzie,

Glad you survived it, it is really loud, I personally though the ear plugs they gave me didn’t work. What, pardon, eh??

I’ll have mine to look forward to in about 3 months, urghh.

Cherry x

Phew, glad it’s done

Sonia xx

Hahahaha Cherry. I’m sure my headphones weren’t working too. I am glad too Sonia.

I’m sure I fitted into the machine better 10 years ago. Unless they have got smaller lol!!! (in my dreams).

Shazzie xx

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Glad it went better than you`d anticipated hun.


yay, glad you’re out the other side and fine, no cage used too… whenever i’ve had MRI’s, the noise has really quickly starts reminding me of a bass guitar, thankfully i’m a rock fan.

wendy xx

Ha Wendy. My ears are still ringing and I’ve got a headache. Oh well. PJs will have to come out soon me thinks!!!

Thanks Poll. Hope you are not suffering too much without your little Lucy. I’m sure she’s around you in spirit.

Shazzie xx

It is always the nose that starts itching

Glad to hear it went ok Shazzie


Well done Shazzie,

I always thought the noise was like a motorbike roaring round an open road!

last time I had one I’d lost my voice and had to do hand signals. I kept my eyes tight shut as I get panic attacks in situations I can’t get out of. I survived… just.

Treat yourself to something nice tonight , you deserve it.

Jen xx

Thanks Noreen.

And Jen. I am having a nice take away tonight. Lovely!!

Shazzie xx

Me too Jen. Just got to wait for the results now. Hope they won’t take too long.

Shazzie xx