MRI and nervous!

So here I am sitting in the sunshine outside the National Hospital for Neurology in London awaiting my 7.20pm appointment for an MRI. Haven’t had one in 5 years so the neuro wanted an updated picture. The nerves are rattling but I’ll try to say ‘cheese’!


Good luck Lisa. Hope you get so mesmerised by the noise you shut your eyes and fall asleep. If they have to wake you up at the end, you’ll know you’ve conquered your fear.


I honestly didn’t think I’d be this nervous! It almost makes me wonder if it’s worth the stress. This is all to see if copaxone is working for me. I guess time will tell.

Hopefully all was well during the MRI scan. And with luck all will be fine with the scan. Don’t worry Lisa, it’s more about how you feel than the teensy spots in your brain.

And with luck, you’ve now had your scan, have got home and have had a nice restorative glass of wine / cup of tea and are feeling better.


Thank you for replying Sue, turns out the machine at the national hospital is very new and much wider, and only 15 minutes then your done, bonus! Pretty straightforward. Went for some food with my husband and now on way home to put my feet up with a cuppa. X