When is the right time?

Hi everyone

It has been a long time since I posted on the site and for that I apologise.

I am looking for some advice, I have recently been in touch with someone through email. Yes, ok, dating agency as it is the only way that I could meet anyone. He sounds really nice, but I would like to know when would be the right time to tell him about my MS. I have PPMS and I cannot hide it as I have to walk with crutches.

I wouldn’t want to start any relationship with lies, but I don’t want to throw into the conversation, “Oh by the way I have MS”, and then see him run for the hills.

I would be grateful if someone, anyone could give me some advice on this.

Thank you

Jen xx

Hi, this topic was posted a bit since and the poster asked the same question, but as her MS was invisible, she hadnt told her new friend that she did have MS. They had met and dated a few times.

But your situation is different, as there`s no way you could keep your MS quiet, with using crutches.

So i think if it was me, Id tell your friend about your condition. That is the honest way to go. Youll soon find out if it makes a difference. I think this is preferable to waiting till you actually meet and risk him being shocked at seeing you.

I do hope it all works out well for you, but if not, then better to curtail the friendship, before it deepens.

Let us know how it goes, yeh?

luv Pollx


A bit of a tricky one that. I guess if is obvious that there is something up with you, then you need to get it out in the open as soon as you can.
I suspose if you can be as upbeat about it as you possibly can, given that it is obviously causing you a lot of grief, then that might lighten the mood a bit and hopfully lessen the blow.
You never know, they may be glad because they could well have something they have been wanting to air.

Sooner rather then later, at least you know where you are.
Fingers crossed that it makes no difference and they brush it off.