when did you last wake feeling refreshed

Hi all,

Can anyone remember when they last woke up feeling refreshed ?

I cannot remember what it feels like.

I can’t remember either.


I ache up not wake up


Like that ! Ache up ! I go to bed and four hours later I am still lying there. Then I sleep late into the morning. My whole world has gone tipsy turvy. I used to sleep anywhere, anytime. Not now. I cant remember when I last woke up feeling good. Years ago I am afraid. Anne x

what is refreshed… I never feel like that anymore even if i have a little rest in the day. I love that ACHE UP. yep constantly.


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“wakey wakey, rise & shine”?

ms stinks!

ACHE up,…brilliant…but sad.

Mohave…at least your memory is good :slight_smile:

Ooooops sorry predicted type changed Mogace.

I might start calling him Mohave.


I reckon Mohave could describe my arid imagination and wit.

Mogace is an abbreviation for Miserable Old Gits Against Christmas Exploitation ! This came about as a result of my groaning from September to December 24 about the constant advertising onslaught.

sometimes I swap Christmas for commercial, because Spring, bank holidays, Easter, mothers day, fathers day, Valentines day all of November (+feel free to add any others) all get the same abusive treatment.

Mick (thanks , I feel a bit better for that !

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Anyone is more than welcome to call me whatever they like.

I refer to myself as Fogwit


You won’t be expecting a birthday card from me then.

Or the bottle of port I was going to send.

I expect nothing other than your brilliant sales promotions


I was thinking about this the other day, and remember the Autumn of 2006 before it all kicked in badly. I gave up smoking and decided to get fit so joined a gym. It must have been around then, but can’t remember the exact day. I do know that by January I was coming home from the gym in years because I felt awful and it was all downhill from there. Finally got diagnosed in 2009 which was a great relief.

Cards and cheesy gifts will be withheld by me too.


for me stopping smoking coincided with the onset of m.s.!

I had many symptoms before this, but certainly it all got much worse about 6 months after. Hitting menopause and being under stress trying to look after my MIL didn’t help either.

I agree feeling refreshed doesn’t happen anymore. Too fatigued, sleep not deep enough.

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I am undiagnosed but my neuro says that sleeping for 9 hours and not feeling refreshed is not a MS symptom? I don’t believe him for a minute. Had fibromyalgia, ME and fasculitis ruled out. Waiting for a contrast scan in October to see if I have more or active lesions. He is quite dismissive of my symptoms even though I have so many ‘MS’ symptoms and several lesions. So frustrating as other than gabapentine for nerve pain in my feet and restless legs until he diagnoses he won’t give me anything else. I have had a year of ongoing symptoms, new ones and ones that flare up