Is this a new symptom

Hi everyone I hope your all well today

Im feeling strange today, I had my usual routine of the day,got up same time breakfast same etc but since being up and showered and dressed, but then at about 11.30 am started to feel funny a bit lite headed and very fatigued not sleepy type but exhaustion type, so stopped what I was doing and rested on couch, now this has happened before if I’ve delayed lunch and I’ve put it down to low blood sugars, as normally after eaten I’m ok again, but this time after resting and having lunch which my hubby made I still felt odd and not well as if I’ve been given some sort of drug I’ve done urine test and normal.

Does anyone relate to this, or any idea of what this could be? My Ms has been quite good as I’ve had it about 4 years I’ve no disability as yet, but the fatigue has always been bad.


Ann x

Hi Ann

Not sure but at least a reply will bump you up. Could it be extra bad fatigue or vertigo? I would have thought incipient UTI but you’ve tested that. How do you feel now? Did resting help? If I have a day where I get hit by a bolster filled with fatigue, I tend to go to bed, and I mean get undressed, close curtains and get under covers for a couple of hours. Usually when I wake up I feel kind of a bit better, but still manage to sleep that night and generally am OK the next day.

Hope you’re feeling a bit better.


Hi Sue

thanks for replying I started feeling a bit better by about 5pm had tea but still don’t feel right,went out with dog for a walk I have a jet lag feeling, or like being delayed for your flight on holiday and spending all night at airport.

Im having an early night tonight and hope I’m feeling back to normal tomorrow.

What’s the weather like where you are? it could be the heat making you feel like this. I’ve had an awful day due to the heat it saps my energy and my walking is really bad, can’t lift my right leg at all.

Jan x


Hi the weather has just turned cooler so I don’t think it’s that, I’ve just got up and had breakfast and now I’ll wait for my breakfast to go down before getting showered and dressed. I’ll keep you all posted x