Wheelies and brakes. Anyone help or just avoid hills?

Hiya folks

I wonder if anyone can help me?

I was given an NHS wheels last week (Action 3 NG self propel) but there where no hub brakes on it for the ‘pusher’ to use. I enquired with the wheelchair services who said yesterday I don’t meet the criteria.

Now my wife finds these very useful when pushing me down slopes and hills. I would have thought for safety reasons that it would be a standard on all wheels but apparently not. When I said about safety on hills the receptionist could not give me an answer. Does this mean if I am getting pushed outside we need to avoid hills and big slopes?

Can anyone shed some light on hub brakes?


Eh? This is rediculous. Surely any wheelie should have breaks. My leccy chair has them (supplied by wheelchair services) and they are not applied very often.

I don`t get it at all!

luv Pollx

I agree, you definitely need brakes. … Just a thought, does your

chair have the type of brakes that the user would use themselves? normally

found at each side of the chair.

If so, perhaps they think that is ok, but for safety I still say some for

the “pusher” are needed.

If you have an OT I would have a word with them, they probably would

have more clout with the wheelchair services.

Pam x

Hiya Poll and Pam

Thanks to you both.

I have just seen my neuro-physio and O/T on monday just gone. They are both scratching there heads at the ‘criteria’ decision.

Soooo I have emailed again to Wheelchair services over my concerns about safely rolling down hills with my wife clinging on.

See what happens now.


Okay. it`ll be interesting to read what they come up with. Surely safety is their uppermost concern.

You know, here`s a funny one.

I was called to take my driving test before being given my new wheelie.

It was day when it poured with rain…couldnt have been worse.

I took the test and passed.

Then I was given my own leccy wheelie and told not to use it in the wet, for safety reasons.

beggars belief, eh?

luv Pollx


Well, I have an email reply from Wheelchair Services and I am on the agenda with their Divisional Manager on 21st November regarding equipment supply.

Oh dear! I am stirring things up aren’t I?

Power to the Wheelies!