Wheelchairs and Rain!

I would like to hear from people out there that use a wheelchair. Is it only me but when it rains I have NO chance of being able to push myself as my hands just slip and slip off the push bar. Even today when coming down a steep slope in the loverly sunshine I felt it very hard to stop my chair from hurtling down.

is it just me or does anyone else have these problems? Why don’t they make the hand rails in a finish which you can grip and KEEP the grip even when soaking wet!!!

Does anyone know of something out there that I can buy?

Cheers everyone


Hi Mike,
I don’t use a wheelchair myself, but I’ve seen people using fingerless gloves with grips on the palms, think you can get them in cycle shops or I’m sure there would be something available online. Think that a coating on the wheels might not be good for your hands?

Hope you find something,


There are a couple of options that I know of. First one is gloves - you can buy some that are specifically for wet weather. Second one is buying covers for your push rims. They have a rubbery finish which is easier to grip. (Not so good for letting slide through your hands though.)

Karen x

Thanks but I honestly think there should be a coating on the wheels. Personally I don’t want to be wearing gloves every time I have to get in my chair. What I need to know is what other people do - I don’t see everyone in a wheelchair using gloves, so do they have the same issues as me?

Cheers Karen

I had to resort to the fingerless cycling gloves with a leather palm when I had to use a wheelie for a couple of months when I broke my leg. The did work and stopped me getting blisters too. Weightlifting gloves are similar. I agree that the rims should come with a suitable finish, but until then…

Hi Mike

When I got my first pair of wheelchair gloves it made such a difference. They’re fingerless except for the thumb, which is full length. This means I can push with my thumb on the tire rather than push rim, which I find gives me a bit more power. I only use them when I go outside, but I much prefer to use them than not. They’re a bit pricier than cycling gloves, but the full thumb makes it worth it for me. The ones I use are Globaleather gel pad gloves.

I’ve heard you can get covers for the push rim, but I don’t know who makes them or how much they cost.


Hi Mike…Halfords have got w/chair gloves in their sale for 99p…I just got a chair a cushion and a pair of gloves for £105 and when I get my vat back it’ll be more like £80…bargain.