Manual wheelchair... do I need special gloves?

Hi all, I’m getting an NHS manual wheelchair on Friday. I won’t be using it everyday as I have my mob scooter but need it for when I got further afield in taxi or car.

It’s one with the big wheels so I can self maneouvre… I’ve seen people wearing those fingerless gloves.

Just looked online and loads of types and many with gel in them.

Do I need a pair and what’s the best type?

Many thanks,

Pat x

Hi Pat I got a fairly cheap bog standard pair, from Amazon, in the obligatory (for me) pink. They have stopped me getting blisters but I also think they keep your hands clean too. I also carry a small bottle of hand gel with me. A really good tip that my O/T gave me, is to buy an under seat bag for it…again I got mine from Amazon. You can’t reach a bag on the back to put things in whereas this has a zip around front so that you can just reach down and pop things in. It is very difficult to balance things on your lap whilst wheeling !! Xx

Oooh thanks MrsH.

I feel a spot of retail therapy coming on…

Pat x

You’re welcome…have you named it yet ?! Mine is George…George Michael, Freedom song !! Xx

A name as well…!!!

This just gets better and better!!!

Pat x


Personally I reckon wheelchair gloves are a good investment. I used to have a cheap pair of normal cyclying gloves at first, as I didn’t think wheelchair ones were worth paying a lot more for. But then I decided to pay extra to get proper wheelchair ones which are still fingerless but have a full-length covered thumb, and the thumb made such a big difference. The way I push the chair I sometimes push with my thumb on the tyre rather than the push rim, but that’s obviously a lot tougher on my skin & I’d get occasional cuts from little bits of broken glass that would stick in the tyres. Having the covered thumb gives my thumb the protection it needs. The ones I use are the Globaleather gel pad ones.


Hi Pat, glad to hear you are getting a new wheelie.

I call my leccy one Boudicca`s Chariot.

My manual one is Wheelie Wonka!

We use it when we go to visit daughters and i need to be lifted in my chair into their houses, as access is difficult.

re gloves, yeh, fingerless ones will be best. I do have some cyclists ones, which were given to me.

You will need something or your skin will suffer.

Now we have to think of a name for your new chariot…

You can borrow Wheelie Wonka if you like.

luv Pollx

I call the mob scooter the Harley so maybe I should call the wheelchair the Rolls?

Pat x

Both great names!

luv Pollx

Or Martin…Aston Martin Or Rover…Landrovers, go anywhere Or Joe…as you will use it for taxi’s…Joe Le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis Xx

Hi Pat

Enjoy your freedom and independence, great news.

Pam x

How you doing Pam?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat,looks like you might be getting the weather for playing out.My days of manual wheeling are gone but I got a brace of snazzy five spoke plastic wheels with gnurled hand ring pushy things for my cheap chair, and went up a bra size.The best gloves I ever used were pricey leather gardening gloves from Homebase.They had an adjustable wrist band and we did lots of miles together.

Be lucky,

Wb x <(L)>

I have some pink fingerless cycling gloves that seem to do the trick. I just call my chair wheelie!

I bought a proper wheelchair pair of gloves and didn’t like them at all. When I lost them, I decided to try a cheap pair of fingerless cycling gloves instead and they are brilliant.

Enjoy the Rolls :slight_smile:

Karen x