wheelchairs for bumpy tracks

Hi, I use a lightweight self propel wheelchair which is great in shops, the house and basically anywhere with fairly smooth even ground. However, I live up a bumpy track in the middle of the countryside and the village has uneven kerbs, cobbles and potholes. I’d also like to be able to get out to the woods etc too. It’s pretty to look at here but tricky to navigate now I’m a wheelie user. Does anyone have any good recommendations for robust manual wheelchairs or scooters that might be good? I’ve seen a couple on the web but thought I’d ask if anyone had any suggestions good or bad. Don’t want to make an expensive mistake by getting something a bit rubbish!

Thanks in advance x

I will sing the praises of the four wheel TRAMPER. I have owned one for about 7yrs and it is still going strong, very very capable over rough ground and mud. See Hope this helps Chris

Hi, Frances (Campion) uses a Tramper scooter too. She goes through woods and says how safe she feels on it.

I think they are quite expensive, but sound like the right thing for your needs.

She has just had a new hip, so might not be back on the boards yet. i am going to ring her to see if she`s doing ok.

luv Pollx

If you’ve got a moment Google TERRAINHOPPER.When I’ve got a spare 12 grand I won’t 'alf be able to drop some mud in Tescburys.

Wb x

thanks for your replies. The Tramper sounds great and 7 years of good use is always a good sign - better start saving my pennies. As for the Terrainhopper - I had a look woblyboy - wow that is one smart looking beast of a scooter! Need to rob a bank for that one I think or pray for a rich relative to pop out of the woodwork!!