Hi I just got my first wheelchair it looks drab how do I make it look cool?

I got mine last week - it currently has battery powered fairy lights (bought on Ebay) decorating the back of the seat.  I do this with my walking sticks too - if they're not wearing lights, it's fake flowers or shiny wrapping ribbon.  I also started off with that long straight tinsel on the back of the chair (looked a little Hells Angel-ish, but sparkly), but it got caught in the wheels and ripped.  I'm now thinking that a feather boa might work around the edge of the seat, well away from the wheels.  Oh, on I Want One Of they have lights for going in the spokes of bicycles, they would work too

Use your imagination but be practical - Ebay is good for decorations (esp sellers in Hong Kong for some reason)

Have fun!

Luisa x

sorry did'nt spell  wheelchair correctly.