got my new 1st wheelchair

Hi just wanted to say that today I collected my 1st wheelchair and im very pleased! We moan about the NHS sometimes, but the whole process has been very good. From the referal, Wheelchair Assessment Svs and the supplier it could not have gone any smoother. And today I got my red ‘sexy’ self propelled wheelchair. Woowwoo! :slight_smile: I think the lady in the shop thort I was some sort of nutter with being so exited about getting one, but I can now get around again thanks to my lovely husband pushing me or if ‘im up to it’ move myself around when i need to. No one wants to be in a chair for any length of time, but i believe if it aids you then go for it! And why not go for a ‘snazzy’ style if you can! I like to think of it as another accessory just like your handbag etc. Will leave you with that thort - Everyone take care - Equus x