Snazzy equipment, where is it ?

I am throwing this out there, anyone who can point me in the right direction ? ( if there is a direction to be pointed at !)

I am 57 years old and now at a stage of needing equipment to help me walk. I do not want the common red or blue coloured metal frame that manufacturers think is acceptable, be it a walker or a wheelchair. I mean, doesn’t our disability go further than the predictable 2 choice colour, ohhh silly me i forgot, we can have black as well !

I have scrolled the internet till I’m boggled eyed. None of us want to purchase disability equipment for ourselves but it is what it is and we have to, so for goodness sake let’s have a choice, something that exubetates our personality opposed to something that certainly does NOT…

So, please, if anyone has any insight to such devices will you please disclose.

(( I have 9 walking sticks , each to match my clothes, there seems to be plenty of “SNAZZY” sticks out there ))

I hear you! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been a wheelie user for nigh on 30 years now and my manual wheelie of choice is a Ti Lite Aero Z in a delightful metallic plum colour which I love! (made in the USA) I am also lucky enough to have a snazzy Whill model C (Japanese) with silver sideplates but there were a few colour choices :wink: bought to replace a scooter that I no longer felt safe on. :wink:
Hope that helps
Elaine x :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just seen a makeover set for a rollator (sure you could make your own), spray paint is an option (Halfords) have huge range of colours! You will always be paying a premium. I have a nice wheelchair (Kermit) obviously bought my own, it is not just the looks though, the bearings mean I can instantly tell whether the floor is flat (wheelchair services is terrible!) obviously may be good elsewhere! You really have to search and sometimes pay a lot for shipping and poss. customs. Kermit is bright green!

Very envious of your Whill!

Hi! I have a fabulous Walker that tackles most terrains, from grass to gravel. It’s been a game changer for me as it allows me to stay on my feet and get myself about. Its a Topro Olympus and is a serious piece of kit, imo. For the down days I have a fabulous electric wheelchair, that’ll also tackle uneven ground and gravel, a Freedom. I don’t know where you are; I’m in the UK. These fab pieces of kit aren’t in jazzy colours, but I am - blue hair, bright clothes - and, I have to say, it certainly offsets the grey of the apparatus. People are always stopping me and telling me how happy and vibrant I look and how effective my mobility aids are x

Thanks Gordon :smiley: The wheelchair services here in Kent are dreadful too (don’t know where you are) Kermit sounds dependable! :wheelchair: :frog: :grin:
Biggest bonus of the Whill is it splits into 3 bits very easily to go in the boot of the car. Goes uphill like a breeze and it turns on a sixpence - I have never exaggerated in my entire life!!! :rofl:
Elaine x

Hi have a look at the Rollz site as you may find something there. The rollators come in a choice of several colours orange, purple etc.

For outdoor use I have a Rollz two in one rollator/transport chair which is very sturdy.

I use a Topro Olympus indoors or for pavement use. I did not find it gave me enough support on uneven ground as my right side is very weak and I found it would tip.

Still undecided on an electric wheelchair I have been looking for months!

Hope you find something suitable.


Have to save up! Need to get a trial, not convinced I’d get into the bathroom.

I have an Alinker walking bike which is super snazzy and very cool! Don’t get one if you dislike attention :joy:

Well I have never managed to find a chair of this capability that was any narrower (the 16" version) and it really does turn in a very small space however I would regard it as an outdoor vehicle only in my humble opinion!
Elaine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.

Yes, i keep on keeping on while my phone almost blows up due to extreme use hahahahaha.

Thank you :smiley:

Thanks for that info, my w/c is 16", sounds like it may be OK for the space. I will let you know! Just have to be careful with the new paintwork! Damaged by the mini tank from wheelchair services! How do you look after the ‘rollers’?

I’ve got a Lith-Tech electric chair which is only 26kg. They even do a carbon fibre edition at just 19kg. I’m not so good at walking very far but still have sufficient upper body strength to lift it in & out of my car at will when my stick is not enough. Worth a look :+1:

I’ve had the Whill for a couple of years now and I’ve never had anything specific to do with the front wheels yet - apart from ridding them of the more obvious bits of rubbish that get picked up along the way when you’re out, and fall out a little while later when it’s dried off, but only to prevent a trail of destruction (which my hubby would have to clear up) in the house! :roll_eyes: For that reason, I keep it in the hall by the front door and fully charged (lithium battery - min 10miles) ready for immediate escape! :grin:
Elaine x :motorized_wheelchair: :smiley:

Thank you, suppose I should wait for a demo rather than keep badgering you! But good to hear personal experience, so thanks very much.

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I really don’t mind, it’s nice when someone is sufficiently interested! You have to be diligent working out the inevitable shortcomings of most mobility items
because no one vehicle is ever perfect for everything - unfortunately.
Good luck in your quest!
Elaine :wink: :+1:

The company I got my Freedom A08L from, Gordon, come to you for a demonstration x

I have 4 silver walking frames and bought plastic flower transfers for it.

For my wheelchair I bought some multicoloured gerbera spoke protectors.
Lots of comments about those - and my mug holder!