Dunno where to even start looking?

Hey all

I am just wondering if there is anyone who can help. I have seen a charity than does one off designs and aaptations for disabled people. I would like to find soemeway of carrying my wheelchair on the back of my scooter so that I can starrt using the scooter a lot more thanII am currently using it, could save me a fortune in petrol alone!

What I would like to find, if possible is a way to attach my wheelchair to my scooter woth out it getting in the way. I have a wheelchair that comes apart, bit have no idea where to go to get help.


Hi Andy

I would’nt mind something simular but to fix my rollator on the back, as yeah great I can travel around locally but if I go to visit my parents or even the local shops I cannot get off as I cannot walk without it.

Hav’nt you got the same scooter as me? Shoprider Valencia


Dear Andy I’ve been adressing the same issue.I’ve modified.the hair and it’s relatively light and apparently is a new version of the Bath Chair. The buggy is a class III Shop Rider Cadiz.It is well balanced,fairly small and apart from stairs and motorways I can get just about everywhere.BUT I had to take off the ‘anti-tip wheels’ on the back,'cos they used to leave me hanging stuck on kerbs, blah blah blah.

However, by using the wheel brackets without the wheel I could create a bit of a shelf effort to put the chair on,then use small ratchet straps to hold it to the seat.I never swivel the seat and have no need for the arm rests and that would make the ‘strapping’ easier. By careful riding I reckon I’d cope.For things like train ramps I’d need to reverse on every time,which presents no problem whatsoever.

BUT,I’ve come to the conclusion that if say,I go away for a couple of days using trains I’m better off with my titchy collapsable class I Heartway Pixie which I can get anywhere on the flat that a human can walk,would be fine for use in a well sorted hotel in somewhere like Llandudno.There is the option of putting it in the glovebox of a taxi etc etc.

That’s all I’ve got to say.I hope you get somewhere with your quest and 'praps a good scooter engineer may be of help. I’ve got one ,but “Hands off”.



There’s something on Ebay that might help.


Thanks for that link Jane,that is my buggy in the photo.Food for thought.