New wheels- name needed!

Hi everyone,

Picked up my new set of wheels today.

Although I don’t need it for everyday use, I can only walk for about 10-15 minutes before I begin to have problems, at which point my walking deteriorates rapidly.

I’ve been using an old chair of my father-in-laws for a while for days out or if we need to cover ground quickly, but it’s quite old, heavy and too big for me. Wheelchair services wouldn’t fund one as I only need it part time, so took the plunge today and now have a modern, sparkly new one.

I don’t want to call it “the wheelchair” as that has such negative vibes.


I need a name!

All suggestions welcome!

Aston or Martin. Sleek, sparkly and moves well :slight_smile:


Like it! Perhaps we can take it on our mission to Halifax!

(For anyone who wants to know more about that reference and fancies a giggle, there’s a brill post over on the New & Before Diagnosis board entitled “If any one has seen my brain please send it back ASAP!”)

Hi Mine is called George (George Michael’s song, Freedom) !! How about Shirley (Bassey…sparkly, diamonds are forever) Or Howard ( the reference to Halifax, he was the bloke in the Halifax bank ad and he moves well !!)

Thanks Mrs H.

Quite like the idea of Howard as it will remind me of a giggle.

Love the avatar by the way. That’s a skill I also seem to be perfecting!

Hi there I’m pleased you have a wheelchair to help you get around - I know people have difficulty accepting they need to use one but for me it has been liberating.

I love my wheelchair - I call mine Roy (short for Rolls Royce) because he top of the range to me.

I hope you soon feel the same way with yours and you give him/her a super name.

Best wishes, Mary :wink:

Greetings and may our Summer be suiting you.What about POTTER, as in Brian Potter from Phoenix Nights.Well,you will be Pottering about


Glad you got what you wanted in the wheels department.

I did christen mine Willie Wonka, but like to refer to it as my wheelie or chariot…Boudica`s of course!

So if you wanna nick Willie Wonka you can!

I missed the halifax thing, so must seek it out, as I live 3 miles from halifax and shop there most weeks.

luv Pollx

Hadn’t thought of using that Shuffler. We will add that to our list of transport! :slight_smile: I will hop accross and mention it X

Haha new transport for the SAS! How about Brian as in Dangerous Brian?! Especially for our little mission! Lol x

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Keep them coming!


Glad you got your wheels. Will make a massive difference.

What about Indi - short for independence - cause that is what it will be giving you more of.

Take care and have lots of happy times with your new friend…

Shazzie xxx

Shazzie, I love that idea! I think we have a winner! Indi it is! Thanks to everyone who made suggestions.

Awww. I am soooo pleased.

Do you think it should be spelt Indi or Indee as Indee looks a bit more like Independence!!!

Glad you like it. I do too!!! I have been thinking about it all day.

Shazzie xxx

My power assisted chair is Tenzing (my Sherpa). It will be pensioned off soon for a Quicki Salsa who I’m thinking will be Scarlet as its red. Have fun with your new independence!! Sara x

Not sure I’ll be writing it down. Lol. Could be short for Indiana Jones, so probably your first suggestion.

YEYY!!! Didn’t think of that. Brill!!

Shazzie xx

Andy … cos it is “handy” and the first time I used one I was so fed up of my daughter dumping me in the middle of IKEA, that I finally jumped out, as like yourself I am still able, and yelled “I want that one!” like a Lou and Andy scene off little britain … she has never dumped me again lol :slight_smile: