Wheelchair sickness!

Wheelchairs are quite new to me I have one but have only used it a handful of times. Yesterday I had a shopping day with a friend so used my chair while we were out. I felt a little queasy most of the day not enough to spoil the day but I was aware of it. My friend pushed me and I have to say she is quite erratic in her steering, how we didn’t crash into anyone is beyond me :slight_smile: I love her to bits but Lord help us if she’s ever in charge of a mobility scooter! Anybody ever got travel sick in a wheelchair or is it just me. We had a fab fun day so it was worth it. Jan x

Hello Jan I couldn’t help smiling reading your message. I have a vivid imagination :slight_smile: I don’t use a wheelchair so not sure if travel sickness is a common thing…can’t believe I’m writing this :slight_smile: It sounds like you had a great day anyway. X

yes me!

it sounds funny but it def aint! it has been like this for me for 2 yrs now. i wear travel bands and suck on ginger which does help but its never ‘ok’


I do apologise, I thought with someone pushing they would push you slow :slight_smile: There are the sturgeon tablets that people use a lot for cruises. Apparently they have excellent reviews. X

Ah Blossom we had a riot, Kami Khazi (spellcheck) isn’t exaggerating. Ellie I’m not pleased you have this problem but I’m glad I wasn’t imagining it. I’m not a good traveler and I don’t go on theme park rides because they also make me feel sick. I’ll have to make sure I carry Traveleze with me at all times. Jan

I do apologise, I thought with someone pushing they would push you slow :slight_smile: There are the sturgeon tablets that people use a lot for cruises. Apparently they have excellent reviews. X

Ahh Blossom we had a blast, Kami Khazi (spellcheck) pilot isn’t in it. Jackie doesn’t do anything slowly. Ellie I’m not pleased you get this too but I’m glad I wasn’t imagining it. I don’t travel very well on anything and I don’t go on theme park rides because they make me feel sick too. Oh well i’ll have to start carrying Traveleze with me or as Blossom suggested use Sturgeon tablets. Jan

hiya blossom

nowt to apologise for!

i have tried kwells which are helpful too but they make me pee even more! neuro told me there was a plaque on brain covering the balance bit so maybe that explains it. i just know i had to find some way of coping with it cos affects most things i do!

me again…

best way to travel is train-front facing. (hope that explains my previous delight at being able to travel via train recently -tho i first need to get a bus to train station!)

next plane-tho i feel it drop 2 ft!

bus next-again front facing (but u cant do that in powerchair-needs to be backwards. i would love to meet the pillock that thought that was a good idea!)

car is awful-in passenger seat-havent and wont attempt in the back!

maual chair-hard to as said before

however some things do help a little-hope u find something that suits you


You can buy sturgeon at Boots but if you look on Amazon you can read the reviews. Cheaper then buying a prescription if you have to pay. My daughter has been invited on a cruise next January with the new man in her life :slight_smile: but she takes after me and gets really ill on buses etc. She’s going to test out the sturgeon :slight_smile: X

Mmmm, I reckon your wheelchair sickness could be down to your erratic pusher! But at least she does take you out, so it would churlish to complain, eh?

Have you thought about using a loan scooter at shopping centres instead?


As I said it’s all quite new so I’m just feeling my feet (if I can use that expression) I travel fine in planes, front facing trains and front passenger seats in cars. Poll you’re probably right re the erratic driver but as you say at least I get to go out. I’ve used traveleze when on boats or coaches so they should work with a wheelchair. I’ve had Sturgeon on prescription when Double vision made me nauseous and as I pay for my prescriptions yearly I might give the surgery a ring and see if I can get some more. Who’d have thought travel sick in a wheelchair!!! Hope everyone is having a nice day. Jan x

Poll after watching the programme the other night about Scooter drivers I think I’ll leave that option for a while. Do you use a scooter? How do you find them and how does the public react to you when your out and about? Jan x

when you’re out and about.

Hi again. I did use to use a scooter…borrowed em at first for about 3 years. Then bought my own and had to swap to a bigger car to transport it. it was a Shoprider Sovereign. It was my trusty steed for many trips out.

It was a medium size and went in most shops ok. I do find and did then, that I can get in ok but shops ike too put stands and other obstacles in the aisles and if I cant get out, I ask for assistance. I do sometimes leave my scar on fitments accidentally, but I am careful and it isnt my fault…some may not agree with that statement!

Anyway, about 2 yars ago gave th scooter away to a member here and hope she is still using it!

I prefer my wheelie now, as I cant get in/ out of it without hoisting.

Oh, as for the public`s reaction.most folk are kind and open doors etc, but when I cant get past people standing chatting, I politely ask them to excuse me and they are mostly over apologetic for being in the way!

luv Pollx

Thanks for that, I’ll certainly think about hiring one sometime soon. Jan x

I laughed out loud when I read this post. My friend and I were just talking about feeling quasy in a wheelchair. She was laughing about if I ever need one she can get revenge because she had her achilies snapped by a ferret…long story and completely true, She came out of hospital with one leg in plaster upto her knee and two bandaged arms from having fallen after she went down when the ferret did the damage.So I took her out loads in the wheelchair and yeh, she defo felt sick, lol.xx

I think we should all get our heads together and write a sit com… Jan